How To Spa Questions and Answers


Questions for During the Spa Service & After Service

During the Spa Service –


What if I’m uncomfortable with something about the therapy?

Speak up and let the therapist know if the pressure is not adequate or too firm. Express your likes and dislikes and feel free to ask questions. Remember: their job is to give you the most pleasurable experience possible.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable, stop the service and ask to see the manager.  Listen to your intuition.  

What do I need to tell a spa or individual therapist about any medical conditions?

Advise the spa and your service provider with any medical conditions or pregnancy so they can tailor the treatment to your specific needs this includes (massage, facials, body treatments and nail services).   Heart conditions, high or low blood pressure, and arthritis are examples of conditions that you should alert your therapist to so he or she can tailor your treatment appropriately. It’s probably also a good idea to alert your therapist to any contagious viruses or skin conditions as well.

I have very ticklish feet and do not want to have my feet touched what can I do?

Many individuals have some areas that that are ticklish or sensitive. Please inform your service provider prior to your service of these areas. Keep in mind it’s you’re spa service time is you’re time, so you can decide where you want and need the attention. 

After the Spa Service –


What happens at the end of the service?

Your service provider will let you know that your service is over.  They may leave you comfortably on the table or they may assist you in sitting up.   If there is any follow-up information that you need to know to maximize the benefits of the service that you just had they will advise you.  This may include telling you how much water to drink, what stretches are good for you or when you should shower.  The service provider will then leave the room and allow you to dress in privacy.

How long may I relax in the treatment room?

You should take a minute or two, but never more than five minutes unless the therapist has advised you otherwise, the therapist may have a treatment right after you and they will need time to change the sheets and sanitize the room for the next guest.  Most spas will have another area for extended relaxation.   

When do I tip the service provider?

Some spas have automatic gratuities, so first make sure that the spa you are going to has not already included a gratuity.  If you are going to give a cash gratuity, you should place it in an envelope and either hand it to the service provider as you exit the room or leave it at the spa desk with the service providers name and your name on it.  If you are going to leave a credit card gratuity, you can add it on when you pay for your services. 

What is an appropriate tip? 

Tips between 18 and 20 percent are customary, depending on how happy you were with your treatment. If the spa has a coordinator who shows you to a changing room, provides you with towels and robes, and offers you tea and water, it may be appropriate to tip between $3 and $9. If you’re nervous about this, definitely call ahead and ask the spa receptionist.