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How To Spa Questions and Answers

How To Spa Questions and Answers

Cell Phones, Cigarettes and Children


Cell phones should be turned off when you arrive at the spa.  Many spas may have an area where you can make a call so ask before you turn your cell phone on.  If you place your cell phone in the locker please have it turned off so ringing or message beeping does not disturb other guest’s relaxation.  In addition, many cell phones are banned from locker rooms areas since many cell phones today have cameras and it is a safety measure for guests to not allow cell phone to be out or in use where other guests may be in various stages of undress. 

Cigarettes and smoking are generally not permitted in spas.  In Arizona, smoking is banned in most indoor public places.  Check with your spa prior to going if this is an issue for you.

Children, most spas only allow children if they are having a service, although many resort spas will not perform services on minors.  If you are planning to spa with a child, make sure the spa is informed of the child age prior to booking the service and ascertain what their service policy is and if you need to be present during the service.   Even if your child may have a spa service, they should never use the Jacuzzi, sauna or steam room as there are age restrictions on the use of these.  These regulations have been set due to safety and health concerns for your child.

Some spas do have a children’s spa menu.   It is a great opportunity to introduce your child to taking care of them self and learning relaxation and anti stress techniques.  In addition, more spas for children only are opening up with a fun spa party environment.