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How To Spa Questions and Answers

How To Spa Questions and Answers

Will I have to be Naked for Spa Treatments?

Naked For Spa Treatments


It is never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone in a spa. There are usually places where a person can change (even if it is in a bathroom stall). Towels and robes are generally provided and can keep you continually covered. Therapists are generally well trained in the “art of draping” which means that they leave the treatment room while you get under the sheet on the massage table, and they keep you covered at all times except for the area of the body they are massaging. They also leave the treatment room before you get up from the table.

The majority of spas in the United States will tell you to dress or undress to your own level of comfort because you will be properly draped with a sheet, towel or blanket and private areas will never be exposed.

Professional draping techniques allow therapists to work with clients who are completely unclothed without exposing the client. While I was training as a professional massage therapist, we were trained to drape properly, as if all our clients were completely nude.  We practiced proper draping techniques to insure that our clients would never be exposed.  That way it didn’t matter what the client turned up in, you could still perform a professional service.