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How To Spa Questions and Answers

How To Spa Questions and Answers

Can I just have my massage in the nude and not be draped?

If your comfort level is to be naked and you do not want to be covered during your massage or body treatment, then you need to consider two things:

The laws, rules and regulations within the city or state that you are having the massage or body treatment.
The comfort level of the massage therapist with how you want to be undressed and uncovered.
City and state massage licensing regulations will take a precedent over your personal choice. Massage Therapists have spent a great deal of money on their education to become a qualified, professional therapist. They will not want to lose their license and ability to earn a living because you want to be undress and undraped during a massage.

Many states such as South Carolina and Texas as well as the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body workers specify the following about the “Draping of Clients”: Licensees shall provide a clean drape for each client for the purpose of maintaining professional standards, and to ensure the clients safety, comfort, and privacy. South Carolina goes on to state that “The areas that must be draped are the gluteal and genital areas for male and female clients, and the breast area for female clients.”

The massage therapist may not be comfortable with you lying there fully exposed.

nude massage

When the comfort level is different for the client than it is for the practitioner, the more conservative comfort level needs to be honored by both.  If that is not acceptable to the one with the less conservative level, they are free to discontinue the professional relationship. Nobody is expected to serve or be served in a manner that is uncomfortable or intimidating.

If you are unsure of the state regulations for the spa you will be going to, ask what the spas policy is prior to booking your service.

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