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How To Spa Questions and Answers

How To Spa Questions and Answers

Dressing for the different type of spa treatments?

Massage:  In the US be prepared to undress to your comfort level and be properly draped throughout the service.

Facial:  For most facials you generally only need to disrobe from the waist up, and you will be under a sheet and towel or provided with a robe or wrap to put on.  However, some facial (like the Phytomer product line) include a neck and back massage and a self heating mud.  In this case you may want to remove all clothing or bring an extra pair of underwear so the mud or hot wet towel does not leave your underwear wet.  Many facial also include a hand or foot massage so you will want to remove your socks or stockings. 

Body Treatments:  If you are having a body treatment that includes a scrub, a mud or a product that is applied and needs to be showered off,  please rest assured that private areas will be properly covered during the application.  Depending on what type of showers are used, the service provider may leave the room while you get into and out of the shower or they may walk you to the shower draped and hold the draping up while you step into the shower.  If you prefer, you may wear a two piece swimsuit if you are a woman or a swimsuit if you are a man.  The reason why you would wear a two piece is that the product especially if you are looking to detoxify will be applied to your abdominal area.  Do make sure if you elect to wear a swimsuit that it is an old one as the products may stain.

Spa Treatments

Hydro therapy Tubs:  What you wear is going to be dependent on city/state regulations and whether you will be alone in the hydrotherapy tub room or if a therapist will be assisting you with the power spray.  So check with the spa to see what you should wear.  If you are not sure, then always bring a bathing suit just in case. 

Pedicure:  The key here is to wear something that can easily go above the knees.  So shorts or a pair of pants with a loose leg is best.  This way you may roll up the pant leg for your pedicure.  Most spas will have a pair of disposable paper sandals for after the pedicure to wear while your toe polish dries.  However, if you prefer, wear your own slip on pair of thongs, but make sure your feet and toes are flat and do not have to be crunched to put them on. 

Manicure:  No prerequisites however make sure that you prepay for the service or have your money and keys out so you do not ruin your nails.  If you are having these services after a day at the spa you may want to change into your street clothing prior to the service so you do not ruin it while you are getting dressed.



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