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Keep U Well Claremont CA Day Spa Opening

Day spa clicks next to Rancho Cucamonga fitness center

When Marva Jackson and Jennifer Petinaud started working out together a few years ago, they had no idea they’d end up business partners.

Petinaud, who owns Get U Fit, a personal training center in Claremont, and Jackson, who has a background in day spa operations, decided to start Keep U Well in April 2007.

“We thought (the name) was catchy and people would remember it, even though I’m sure people are going to mess it up and say Keep U Fit and Get U Well. It’s more for people to remember the both of them,” Petinaud said. “They go hand and hand – they complement each other.”

Keep U Well is a Claremont wellness spa located next door to Get U Fit. Though the company’s been open since September, the pair held a grand-opening event Friday.

The company offers spa treatments such as foot detoxes, aqua massages, eyelash extensions and professional makeup services.

But most importantly, both companies follow the same concept of working by appointment only, ensuring the privacy and comfort of the customer.

“That is the main thing we offer – privacy,” Jackson said. “You’re in there and no one else comes in regardless of what you’re in there for.”

Much of Keep U Well’s structure is based on Petinaud’s business plan for Get U Fit.

“It’s still the same concept, private only and one person at a time, and I create the atmosphere,” Petinaud said. “I felt that it works well that way.”

When a suite next door to Get U Fit became available, Petinaud and Jackson quickly came up with their business plan to take advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s actually been going pretty smoothly,” Petinaud said. “It was kind of all of a sudden when I noticed that next door was going vacant. The previous people were there seven years and I didn’t know when this opportunity would arise again.”

Everything was redone, from the bamboo flooring to custom woodwork, Jackson said.

That was “why it took so long to open,” Jackson said. “We took our time to make it just right. Everything you see in there is all Jennifer and Marva.”

Petinaud and Jackson have been charging pre-opening prices since Keep U Well’s soft opening in September, hoping to give people an opportunity to experience a spa without having to spend a lot of money.

“We tried to think of something we could do where people didn’t have to spend a lot of money and time,” Jackson said. “The foot detox and aqua massage are different things that are popular right now that people are looking for to feel good.”

Bath salts, soy candles and vitamins are some of the items customers can buy after their spa treatments.

“We wanted to get a soft side to Get U Fit and basically wondered how we could give back to the community and what we could do to get people healthy and feel more relaxed without spending more money,” Petinaud said.

Owners: Jennifer Petinaud and Marva Jackson

Address: 1420 N. Claremont Blvd. Suite 207-D, Claremont

Phone: (909) 621-0010

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