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Long Branch NJ Father’s Day Spa Gift


NJ Day Spa Announces Father’s Day Spa Gift Certificate Sale

Aquamedica Day Spa in Long Branch NJ will help families celebrate Father’s Day with a major sale on gift certificates the week before the holiday. Owner Valentina Chistova is planning an event for holiday gift shoppers on a budget.

Father’s Day gift shopping is made easy by Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in NJ. The ocean-front spa is planning a huge sale to help families afford a special spa gift certificate for the holiday.

NJ spa plans gift certificate event for Father’s Day gift shoppers. The event will be held June 11th and will offer major premiums for customers who purchase a spa gift certificate at Aquamedica Day Spa.

Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in NJ is planning a very special Father’s Day gift certificate event. The famed ocean-front spa plans to help families celebrate the occasion with special offers on their highly requested spa gift certificates.

A Father’s Spa Day gift sale will take place on Thursday, June 11th at Aquamedica Spa from 6-9pm. Customers who come to shop will enjoy a delightful evening of wine and cheese, accompanied by very special offers on their gift certificate purchases. During the event only, customers who purchase a spa gift certificate for $150 will receive a complimentary spa gift certificate in the amount of $50. Customers who purchase a gift certificate valued at $200 will receive a complimentary gift certificate in the amount of $100.

Spa owner, Valentina Chistova, is celebrated for her infamous spa parties where she announces major discounts on spa services or spa gift certificates. The legacy started last year when Chistova helped celebrate Black Friday one week early and offered holiday shoppers Buy One Get One free gift certificates at a catered event at her spa. The event was a huge success and prompted Chistova to launch her ‘Aquamedica Cares’ program, a series of weekly specials that discounts their most popular spa services by as much as 50%. Chistova says, “In a time when families and businesses are affected most by a deteriorating economy, we wanted to put our spa to good use by filling it with people who are longing for spa relief but cannot afford our services right now. “

Instant Father’s Day gift cards are conveniently available on Aquamedica’s instant gift store online . Customers have the ability to design, personalize and print or email gift certificates for immediate gift giving gratification.

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AQUAMEDICA Salon and Spa is a full service salon and day spa located on the ocean front boardwalk of Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey. Their ideal location, nestled on the boardwalk of New Jersey’s most highlighted lifestyle center for shopping, dining and entertainment, makes Aquamedica a true destination for health, wellness and happiness.

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