journey to discover joy

Unveiling the Journey to Discover Joy: Mother Teresa’s Uplifting Secret for Genuine Happiness

Journey to Discover Joy: Integrate Joy into Daily Life

I Was Adrift Until My Grandmother Shared Mother Teresa’s Uplifting Secret For Nourishing Hearts to Discover Genuine Happiness

 Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” by Mother Teresa 

How to Find Joy in Life: My Journey to Discover Joy

my journey to discover joy
The journey to find reliable joy is evolving and unique for everyone. For me, it involves freely giving compassion with an open heart.

I grew up in a small town where everyone seemed to know each other. We left our back door open, and neighbors would just come in, help themselves to a cup of coffee, and sit at the table. My family and friends were kind-hearted people who often lent a hand to those in need. However, despite being surrounded by loving people, I struggled to feel a deep sense of joy or purpose.  

Ode to Joy 

I floated through life feeling somewhat numb, simply going through the motions. I decided something needed to change. I knew there had to be more to life than merely existing. I wanted to understand how to cultivate real, sustainable joy. That began my quest to understand the essence of joy and discover how to integrate it into my life. 

An Enlightening Conversation 

One day, I confided in my grandmother about my inner turmoil and lack of fulfillment. She listened thoughtfully before offering me some life-changing advice. She told me about Mother Teresa’s perspective on joy as a “net of love by which you can catch souls.” I was unfamiliar with this concept, so my grandmother explained. 

Best of Joy 

My grandmother described how Mother Teresa viewed joy as a feeling that emerges when you pour love onto other people. Mother Teresa believed that selfless love has the power to ignite an incredible sense of meaning, connectivity, and joy. My grandmother said that if I wanted sustainable happiness, I should fill my heart with compassion and actively look for ways to uplift others. 

Joyful Service to Others 

Her words resonated with me deeply. I realized that in focusing so much on my troubles, I had overlooked opportunities to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I decided then and there to test Mother Teresa’s philosophy by making joyful service my new purpose. 

Putting Joyful Service into Action 

I started volunteering at a local women’s and children’s shelter. During my first day, I felt nervous, wondering if I had anything valuable to offer. However, an unexpected feeling washed over me as I interacted with the residents. For the first time in years, I felt genuine joy springing up from my core. 

My Cup Runneth Over 

I felt deeply fulfilled as I helped individual women obtain job interview outfits and assisted kids with their homework. In those moments, I felt profoundly connected to the people around me. By pouring myself into serving others, I filled my own heart up at the same time. 

Joy Emerged 

I realized firsthand the truth of Mother Teresa’s words – that joy emerges through selfless love. I discovered that human beings have an innate yearning for interconnection. And we often feel the most joy when giving and receiving compassion. 

The Research Supported My Feelings 

  • Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley: “Research from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley shows that engaging in altruistic behaviors, such as volunteering, fulfills basic human needs and enhances our sense of connection and purpose in life.” 
  • Guideposts: “As highlighted in Guideposts, the simple acts of caring and helping others from a young age bring gratification and fulfillment, enriching our lives with deeper significance and joy.” 

Continuing My Journey with an Open Heart 

From that illuminating experience forward, I committed to viewing life through the lens of joyful service. During tough times when my personal happiness wavers, I reflect on my purpose of uplifting others. I’ve found that even small acts of kindness, like volunteering, gestures of support, or community service, positively impact me and those around me. 

It allows me to tap into the humanity that connects us all.

Whenever I feel my enthusiastic spirit dampen, I remember Mother Teresa’s advice: “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” I visualize myself casting a wide net of compassion, hoping to lift the hearts of everyone I meet. Approaching life with this mindset never fails to reignite my inner light. It allows me to tap into the humanity that connects us all. 

The Journey to Discover Joy 

The journey to find reliable joy is evolving and unique for everyone. For me, it involves freely giving compassion with an open heart. I’m still learning and growing. But by making service my focal point, life’s complexities seem more manageable and its beauty more vibrant. My soul feels caught up in a beautiful net crafted from the threads of human kindness, resilience, and love. 

My Wish For You 

I hope that you find the peace and joy you seek by focusing on helping others. 

Are you ready? I know you are.