New Technologies Tighten Skin From Head To Toe Without Surgery



Science Daily — If sagging skin is getting you down, recent advances in skin-tightening technologies can lift your spirits – and your skin – in a matter of a few office visits to your dermatologist.

This basic principle is what shaped many of the latest skin-tightening technologies.”

Broad-Spectrum Light Sources

As with monopolar RF, the outer layer of skin is kept intact with a continuous cooling device.

In some patients, skin tightening is visible following the initial treatment, while others will notice the improvement gradually over time. Dr. Goldberg added that while results vary, studies show that skin tightening with the broad-spectrum light sources typically last at least 12 months.

“As long as the area being treated involves only superficial loose skin – not loose fat or muscle – no area of the body should be off limits for a skin-tightening procedure.”

Unipolar Radiofrequency for Cellulite

“The heat is dispersed to the surrounding tissue, allowing the deeper skin structures – where cellulite forms – to be effectively heated.”

In the study, Dr. Goldberg evaluated whether deep unipolar RF-induced heating could tighten the skin irregularities of cellulite when administered in six treatment sessions every two weeks. “In the right hands, these new skin tightening techniques can produce noticeable improvements.”

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