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200901 shizukas geisha facialGeisha “Bird Poop” Facial Among $50 Offerings for New York Spa Week
The Geisha Facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa, nicknamed the “Bird Poop Facial,” promises to be one of the most unusual offerings during New York Spa Week (April 13-19, 2009). Regularly $180, the Geisha Facial will be priced at $50 during Spa Week to encourage more New Yorkers to try this results-oriented facial whose story has captivated audiences worldwide for its unique use of an ancient Japanese skin care secret…bird droppings.

 When Spa Week 2009 (April 13-19) descends on New York City it won’t be the only thing dropping. Midtown’s Shizuka New York Day Spa will be offering up its Geisha Facial–coined the “Bird Poop Facial”–for $50 as part of the bi-annual event designed to bring spa culture to the masses. Normally priced at $180, Shizuka’s exclusive Geisha Facial has received widespread international attention for its unique use of an ancient Japanese ingredient…bird droppings.

Created by Manhattan skin care guru Shizuka Bernstein, the story of the Geisha Facial has traveled around the world to the great delight and surprise of audiences. Featured on The Today Show, The View, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and live on E!’s Red Carpet Countdown to the 2008 Primetime Emmy’s, this highly effective, results-oriented treatment has become the buzz of the beauty industry. Even Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is rumored to be a recent convert to the power of the poo.

The Geisha Facial derives from the practices of ancient geishas who were faced with chronic health problems due to the presence of lead in their thick, white makeup. These geishas looked to the nightingale–an iconic symbol of beauty — for their solution. In so doing, they found that nightingale droppings possessed a unique ability to both cleanse and nourish their skin. Shizuka combines this time-honored practice with modern, Western dermatological touches to create a full and luxurious facial treatment. In addition to the light exfoliation of her UV sterilized bird droppings mask, she cleanses the skin with her own all-natural product line and massages the face with oil from the Japanese camellia blossom, a relative of the green tea plant.

Also on Shizuka’s $50 Spa Week menu are a 45-minute Swedish massage, and her all-natural Sakura Pedicure with extra Reflexology. Asked why she chose include a 50-Minute Geisha Facial, Bernstein replied that she wanted more people to be able to try this one-of-a-kind treatment, especially in these stressful times. “First and foremost, the Geisha Facial is quality skin care,” she says, “but it also represents a way for us to relax and pamper ourselves and, especially now, we could all use more of that.”

Shizuka New York Day Spa

7 West 51st Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10019




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