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sisley cosmetics, an exceptional brand celebrated for the effectiveness and high quality of its products. sisley offers a comprehensive range of beauty products featuring exclusive treatments for face and body using only natural plant extracts and essential oils. The excellence of the range, combined with genuine skincare benefits based on skin type, sets sisley apart and above its competition. With exclusive ingredients found in over 800,000 species from around the world, sisley’s ultra-luxurious products are proven to stimulate the senses and pamper the skin in a one-of-a-kind spa experience.

sisley is a French beauty product manufacturer that focuses on natural oils and plant extracts as key active ingredients in all of their products. sisley has operated a boutique store in Paris since 1976, and the business has always been family-run. The founder of sisley is the Count Hubert D’Ornano. Not only is sisley committed to all-natural ingredients, but they track down and import these plant-based ingredients from their natural environments where they grow best.

sisley calls their approach to cosmetic skincare “Phytocosmetology”, referring to the use of fresh plant ingredients in beauty products. The theory behind going all the way to the source to obtain these ingredients is that they will be more potent, all-around healthier plants, yielding superior results when compared to farmed or non-native plant ingredients. sisley’s commitment to this philosophy extends to the use of all-natural preservatives as well as aromatherapy elements.

sisley cosmeticssisley’s major products help rejuvenate the skin. sisley offers a wide range of products, and potential users may select the one(s) that work best with their skin types and conditions. For example, the sisley line includes products dedicated to nourish, rehydrate, fight wrinkles, collagen-loss, irritation/inflammation, and gradual discoloration. sisley aims to treat all of these conditions through Phytocosmetology, which involves the topical application of natural plant extracts. The entire sisley line is hypoallergenic.

Before a sisley product eventually reaches the market. It must be the best in its category. Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano have always developed the finest quality products, instructing their scientific teams to disregard cost and time constraints in order to create the best possible formulas

Each formula Is designed to maximize the beneficial properties of each natural plant extract, to create products that hydrate, strengthen, regenerate and enhance skin, resulting in visible improvements in its appearance. All formulas are subjected to allergy and tolerance tests by an outside laboratory In order to ensure their perfect innocuousness.

The efficacy of the products is proven through tests performed in the independent Institut dExpertise Clinique (Institute of Clinical Expertise) approved by the Ministry for Health. Today, this perfectionism has made sisley one of the most prestigious and qualitative brands in the cosmetics industry.


Phytocosmetology involves using natural plant extracts in beauty products. Each natural extract contains key active ingredients that perform a specific action. The synergy of natural extracts results in the amplification and strengthening of the effects of each individual active ingredient. This synergy is at the heart of sisley research.

sisley believes that Phytocosmetology is know-how that brings together:

  • knowledge of plants, their composition and benefits of their active molecules (or key active ingredients),
  • perfect mastery of dosage for the main active ingredients to obtain the desired efficacy and guarantee perfect
  • innocuousness,
  • the assurance of constant quality for the botanical extracts,
  • mastery of our combination of natural extracts, creating synergies, and multiplying the efficacy of every key active ingredient.


sisley products are derived from natural plant extracts and essential oils, rigorously selected and controlled to ensure that they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The geographic origin is chosen as producing the best quality,
  • The part of the plant chosen contains the desired activity.
  • The harvesting period Is mastered to obtain the best extracts,
  • The extraction method is chosen best preserves the activity of the components

Strenuous quality control and careful dosage of components guarantee instant visible results. sisley’s concept and demanding perfectionism have brought Phytocosmetology to a higher level.

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