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Whether it is a desire for improved fitness, relief from stress, weight loss, or peace of mind, there are no “right” answers for everyone. For greatest success with life’s challenges, we need to look within ourselves, and “awaken” to the truth about the choices we make, what we really want, and how we live our lives. In fact, each of us may be our own best “guide”.

We tend to look to outside experts for life’s answers, rather than looking within. Many of us have lost our inner compass due to the stresses of daily life. Yet underneath the noise and the chatter is a wisdom that is always present if we only stop long enough to hear it’s message.

Looking within is a process which requires us to stop and take a break from our everyday lives in order to be able to “listen” to our own inner wisdom and “hear” the answers that our inner guide offers us.

At The Lodge At Woodloch there are many opportunities to nourish and explore the inner you. The peace and beauty of the surroundings and the many choices of activities and services inspire an opening to that very personal place waiting to be discovered.

We invite you to consider listening to yourself by:

* Noticing what it feels like to savor your meal and stop when you are full.

* Listening to the little voice that says “take a walk, stretch, move”.

* Honoring the desire to relax or sleep in, without guilt.

* Creating the space and time for the voice within to speak.

While outside experts can be valuable partners and a source of information and inspiration, at the end of the day, we are our own best guides about what will work for us. The good news is this inner guide goes home with us!


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