Fast Fat Loss

Speed Up Your Fat Loss!

Have you been trying to lose body fat, but find it comes off at a snail’s pace?

Fast Fat Loss

If you’re ready to get started: Here are a few of the 10 key points for your fast fat loss:

Increase your meal frequency: That’s right, eat more often, but don’t increase your total calories. Food can actually help burn body fat when it’s used strategically. If you break your meals into smaller feedings it helps to control blood sugar — this puts you in a better position to lose fat. The human body’s main goal is survival. If you sleep through the night and then deprive the body of food in the morning, what do you think the body is sensing at this point?

Remember, calories from food represent heat. For example, if you’re losing fat by consuming 1,200 calories per day, simply raise your calories to 1,600 on day number four. This technique can actually get the metabolism racing and stimulate additional fat loss. If you limit your water intake, the body will retain water and make you feel like the “queen or king of bloat.” Drink .55 multiplied by your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Exercise in the morning: If you can fit it into your schedule, exercise in the morning. People who exercise consistently in the morning find that exercise at this time regulates their appetite all day long.

Perform cardio interval training: Cardio interval training is simply short bursts of high-intensity exercise combined with more moderate intensity within the same workout. Your body will be working harder and will be forced to burn more calories.

Drink green tea: Green tea is a popular tea from Japan that has numerous health benefits, including weight loss. The cold water will force your body to raise its core temperature, thereby stimulating your metabolism and excreting any excess water. Remember though, if you’re consuming excess calories each day, this tip won’t work.

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