Stress Management


stress managementStress/anxiety seems to be the common denominator when it comes to Boomers’ lack of energy and memory issues. In fact, almost three-quarters of Boomers blame stress and anxiety for depleting their energy levels, while 62% believe stress and anxiety are responsible for their memory problems. Overall, nearly 80% feel relieving their stress would increase their quality of life.

Nowadays in our stressful, fast-facing, modern society, many people have come to realize the great benefits that the herbalists, Chinese medical practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists and many other alternative health providers can offer not only to treat their illnesses but also to reduce stresses in their lives. As a result, many traditional healers and alternative health professionals have quickly gained recognition on their field of expertise; hence, the old practices are new again.

Room to Throw

Watch for some new fads and trends to emerge as a way to vent stress and frustration. Sound proof rooms for shouting, throwing, crying, breaking plates, drumming and other ways to vent anger and frustration will begin to show up in unlikely places.

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