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It’s always nice to head to the spa to de-stress, but sometimes the prices can be anything but relaxing. A number of local spas offer massages and treatments that feel expensive but are really affordable.

Around for centuries, the Art of Threading® is the primary method of shaping eyebrows at Ziba Beauty. Threading is practiced in parts of the Middle East, Pakistan, and India. One advantage to threading is that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

“Instead of tweezing and waxing, we use common cotton thread, and we twist and run it along the skin,” said Sumita Batra, Ziba Beauty. “The twisted area grabs the hair and pulls it out of the follicle.”

It also shouldn’t strain your wallet at $9 for both brows.

Ziba also practices the Indian Art of Mehndi®, the painting of ornate henna tattoos that can last up to ten days.

“Basically it is a form of celebration,” said Batra. “When we get married, when we have children, it’s considered to bring you good luck and good fortune.”

But it doesn’t cost a fortune. Some work going up the arm would run about $25.

The Lounge Spa in Culver City is cool and swanky without the swanky price.

“Part of the what makes the Lounge Spa really stand out is that they offer both these beautiful amenities, niceties like a locker room and a lounge, and a little bar area where you receive an elixir tonic when you walk in, and you don’t get that at most places with these kinds of prices,” said Erin Mahoney Harris.

An average massage costs $50 for 50 minutes.

“I wanted to create an atmosphere as well as a price that clients will not feel stressed, not only coming in here, but they can come in more regularly,” said Alice Koskas, The Lounge Spa.

The Lounge Spa / Culver City CA Day Spas / Cheap Spa Packages