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Mellow Me Out, a day spa located in the University Union at Sacramento State, has started offering free five-minute chair massages every second-to-the-last week of the spring and fall semesters in an attempt to reduce the amount stress students have.

According to the National Health Interview Survey, 75 percent of the general population experiences some level of stress every two weeks.

Steve Hodge, a certified massage therapist and employee of Mellow Me out, said a massage can help relieve stress.

“I think the stress that students have is high…both mental and physical,” Hodge said.

Between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., the spa has a massage chair set up directly across from the information desk underneath the stairs, a high traffic area for students.

“We’re so booked up at our location that we offer this station out here,” Hodge said.

Aysha Qari, freshman nursing major, took advantage of the free service.

“I got it just to relieve stress; I’m stressing about finals,” Qari said. “It helped relieve the pain in my back.”

Sophia Navarro, a student at Western Career College, came to Sac State to give students massages. She is working toward become a certified massage therapist.

“A lot of people walk by and I tell them to try it out,” Navarro said.

Many students walked by the sign that advertises the massage services and continued walking.

Many students feel awkward about getting a massage for the first time, but once they get over their initial fear, they tend to come back more frequently, Hodge said.

Made possible by the Student Health Center, Sac State students are allowed three free 15-minute chair massages per semester.

Mellow Me Out / Sacramento Day Spa / California Spas

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