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This old-fashioned barber chair at Zapora Salon Spa in Monrovia IN will welcome male clients who want a haircut and hot shave. The salon also offers massage, permanent makeup and wig services for clients and cancer patients.

This old-fashioned barber chair at Zapora Salon Spa in Monrovia will welcome male clients who want a haircut and hot shave. The salon also offers massage, permanent makeup and wig services for clients and cancer patients.

At first, it seems odd that a minister who does tent revivals at the Wilbur Community Center is opening a beauty salon and spa in the heart of Monrovia. But after talking to his daughter, Amanda, the picture becomes clearer. Gary Bivens and his family want people who have been battered by life’s fast pace to come in, get calm and improve their looks and lifestyle at the same time.

Bivens works for Open Door Ministries, and his Christian-based business called Zapora will service men and women, cancer patients and those with special cosmetic problems.

Zapora comes from the Hebrew word Zappora, which means beauty,” Amanda said.

The salon will open its doors for the public on Monday, but the grand opening has not been scheduled yet. The staff is taking appointments now for prom services and other clients.

Bivens’ prized possession at the shop next to David Burgess’s chiropractic office on Ind. 39 is an old-fashioned barber chair. Male customers can have a haircut and hot shave with towels while relaxing in the bright red chair. They can also buy American Crew haircare products. Burgess is leasing the space to Bivens and has been in practice for eight years.

Services for women include massage, haircuts, teeth whitening, styling, Nail manicures, pedicures and hair products such as Scruples, True Integrity and OPI. Amanda said there will be five stylists and three massage therapists, trained in all the product lines. The spa will also offer permanent makeup for beauty marks, lips, eyebrows and eyelids, but the colors are not tattoo inks. “We will use Premier Pigments, which are designed for facial skin and safe for MRI tests,” she said. “People can also get pigment on the inner part of their bottom eyelid.

Clients will do a skin test and have a consultation before getting the service and fill out a form with their medical history. Amanda said the salon staff must be licensed to do the pigments and maintain sanitary conditions for all Zapora’s services. She and her mother, Patty, took an intensive two-week program in Texas on the products and their application. Amanda said the staff has also been undergoing special training from product representatives who come from all over the state.

“Our distributor, Victory, has set up the training sessions for us,” she said. “Each of our employees has a good background and will be knowledgable with all our products.”

The salon has a private room for clients who need wig fitting and styling and other rooms for massage and pigmentation. There is also a bathroom and shower on site.

To make the salon experience complete, Gary Bivens has stocked Kerusso T-shirts, which are theme based for Christian clients, organ donors, bikers, cancer survivors and others. They also carry Cooljamaz, which are pajamas for women who suffer from night sweats, reactions to chemotherapy and menopausal hot flashes. Amanda said the material quickly absorbs perspiration. Clients can also purchase detoxifying teas in different flavors. They are in concentrated form and can just be added to a glass of water.

The Bivens family and their staff will not be pushing religion, but simply providing an atmosphere where people can unwind and relax – and be cared for.

Bivens said he is also carrying some dainty necklaces and other jewelry at the shop.

He owns Truth Trucking and will continue with that business, while his daughter oversees the salon operation.

The family is pleased with the contractor, Scott Pierce of PMG Construction, who did the buildout for them. The walls are beautifully textured and the floors are all dark wood. Pierce had an artist come in and do a glaze on the walls.

Amanda said Heavenly Helpings, a nearby caterer, will provide lunches for full-day spa clients and other special events. The salon will hold “Princess Tea Parties” and bachelorette parties after hours, from 7 to 10 p.m. Guests can get mini massages, manicures, punch and cookies. And food will be geared to their dietary needs.

Hours will be 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the last appointment made at 7 p.m.; Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the last appointment around 5 p.m.

You can call the shop at 317-996-2966.

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