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For individuals combating unwanted cellulite, SmoothShapes™ Laser Cellulite reduction is a revolutionary new treatment that can reduce unwanted cellulite with long lasting results.  Fact: over 85% of adult women suffer from the skin condition known as cellulite.  In the early stages of cellulite research, many believed that the formation of cellulite was due in large part to weight, poor diet and lack of exercise; however, many women who currently have cellulite are of normal weight, watch what they eat and exercise on a regular basis.  So what does this mean?

Cellulite is a condition that is becoming more and more common in adult females.  Men can suffer from the outward appearance of cellulite as well, but the majority of cellulite sufferers are women.  Cellulite appears when the fat cells located directly below the outer layers of skin swell and the once flexible bands of collagen become brittle which causes them to no longer stretch properly.  The expanded fat cells push up against the outer layers of skin causing the lumpy, dimpled appearance commonly known as cellulite.

Continued research in cellulite formation has shown that cellulite forms primarily due to vascular changes, inflammation and hormones; three factors that are completely out of our control.  So if individuals can’t effectively reduce cellulite on their own, what other options are there?  Over the years, several cellulite reduction treatments have become available to consumers, but Elemé Medical recently made a breakthrough in cellulite reduction technology with their SmoothShapes Laser Cellulite reduction system.  SmoothShapes is the first and only Laser Cellulite system to be approved by the FDA for the lasting reduction of cellulite.

The SmoothShapes system utilizes a proprietary technology called Photomology™ to combat problem cellulite.  Photomology™ is a pain free treatment that uses dynamic laser and light energy to effectively liquefy the engorged fat cells and repair the brittle collagen in the area being treated.  Simultaneously, contoured rollers and vacuum massage are repeatedly passed over the treatment area to smooth the treated skin and assist in moving the liquefied fat out naturally through the lymphatic system.  This revolutionary Laser Cellulite treatment reduces fat cells, regenerates collagen, increases circulation and restores metabolic processes to the treated area.  The outcome: smooth, firm, cellulite free results that last.

SmoothShapes is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive Laser Cellulite system that provides long lasting cellulite free results.  This Laser Cellulite treatment is the first of its kind and the only cellulite treatment currently on the market that is FDA approved for lasting cellulite reduction.  This no pain, no downtime procedure allows individuals to return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment.  For individuals suffering from cellulite, SmoothShapes offers a revolutionary cellulite reduction solution that lasts.

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