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Fall … The Fullness of Life!

There is nothing more beautiful than driving through the countryside in the Fall of the year. The trees begin to shed their green summer solar coats displaying the true essence of who they are. The leaves begin to turn colors of reds, yellows, and golds. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of Nature and the wonders of God, as we, too, shed our summer tans to reveal the real core of our vision.

This week’s edition is to celebrate this autumn season. We honor the states that follow the fall foliage, the resorts that provide the best in travel and appreciation of the falls full colors. The places where you can transition from trees that are ablaze with color to the resort fireplaces ablaze with warmth.

We celebrate the Spas who help our body’s transition from the summer sun to the cold, blustery winter. Autumn is the season for enjoying the fullness of life. It is a time to partake of the harvest, to share the harvest with others, and a time to reinvest and save portions of the crop for yet another season of growth. Spas assist us with our growth. Nothing is better than sharing the spa experience with our friends and family.

Fall is the nicest season for rolling down the car windows, taking a drive, and enjoying the scenery. Stop along the way to pick pumpkins, visit a winery, or take a stroll on a woodsy trail sparkling with reds and golds.

States for the Season:

Explore all that fall has to offer you in each state. Follow the links to the best scenic drives of the season.


Alaska Fall Foliage Tour


Fall Foliage Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, AZ


Fall Color Trail in Alabama:  During October and November, color watchers in the north provide weekly updates on peak color, scenic drives and seasonal activities to the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel.
A Circle of Colors:  Suggested driving tour taking in many of the fall color spots in northern Alabama – leaving from Birmingham, Alabama.  Call: 1-800-ALABAMA

Autumn in Arkansas

The color change begins in early October in the Ozarks of northern Arkansas and moves slowly to the south until it reaches the peak of color in late October and early November.

Fall Foliage Drive Through Arkansas:  The Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism has a network of fall color spotters in every region that supply weekly updates. This information is combined into one report which is available by 5:00 p.m. Central Time each Thursday throughout the season, so travelers can make plans for the weekend.
Fall in The Ozarks:  Foliage reports on the Ozark Mountains.  Foliage reports are for the White River Hills area of the Ozarks in north-central Arkansas.


Fall Color in California:  Fall color reports are sent in from people around the state.
Fall color in Southern California? You bet, but it’s a little bit later in the season than what you’ll find in the North and East. The first week of November is the best time to see the cottonwoods and oaks northeast of San Diego, in Cuyamaca State Park, on Highway 79. Or try the 23-mile drive along Highway 78 from the town of Ramona to Julian, where apple harvest season runs mid-September to mid-November.
Fall foliage in California, including mountains and forests in the northern part of the state.


Colorado Fall Color:  Colorado doesn’t have the full palette of fall color that you find in many other states. The dominant color is the brilliant golden yellow of aspens.


Connecticut’s Fall Foliage:  Foliage season begins in mid-to-late September and extends through mid-to-late October.
Connecticut Foliage Report:  Estimated date of peak foliage – October 12-20, 2005.
Connecticut Foliage Map:  The Weather Channel’s color-coded guide to normal peak times for Fall Color.
Where to View Fall Foliage in Connecticut:  Tips for ‘Leaf Peepers’ traveling to Connecticut.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-282-6863


Delaware Department of Transportation:  Travelers on Delaware roadways are treated to colorful displays from trees and other foliage from October into November.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-441-8846


Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests:  Fall color updates, recommended viewing routes, and photos from past years.


Autumn adventures in Idaho


Fall-O-Ween:  Autumn adventures in Illinois. From September 1 through October 31 you’ll find autumn fun in every corner of the state, ranging from fall harvest festivals to Halloween happenings.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-226-6632


Fall Colors in Indiana


Fall Color in Iowa:  In Iowa when people talk fall color displays the north-east section of the state is often mentioned. This is a tremendous area to visit, but the beauty of fall color can be found throughout the entire state.  Fall Color Leaf-Line (September 15th through October 15th) Phone: 515-233-4110


ColorFall Kentucky:  Latest fall foliage reports around Kentucky.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-225-8747


Main Foliage: Maine’s Department of Conservation releases weekly foliage reports each year during foliage season (mid-September through mid-October).
Maine’s Autumn Magic:  Learning fall foliage video for kids, explaining the changing colors of leaves.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-533-9595


Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-532-8371


Fall in Massachusetts:  Fall is a glorious time to visit Massachusetts. The trees wear magical coats of crimson, gold, and scarlet leaves; hillsides glisten under a pale pink glaze; dry leaves crunch underfoot; and every farm stand boasts piles of fat orange pumpkins. Foliage season begins in mid-to-late September and ends in mid-to-late October; peak color often coincides with Columbus Day weekend.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-632-8038
Fall Foliage Tours From Boston: Experience the gently rolling New England countryside, awash with the colors of an Indian Summer. Travel past quiet ponds and ancient farms, weathered roadside taverns and sturdy colonial churches. A pleasant afternoon of foliage display is capped by a stop at a native orchard for apples and cider.


Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-644-3255


Fall Color Report:  Fall drives are a tradition in Minnesota. To help you plan yours, the Fall Color reports in Minnesota are sorted by region: NE, NW, SE, SW, Twin Cities Metro Area.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-657-3700


Fall in Missouri:  Missouri is blessed with a great variety of trees, shrubs, and vines. Their leaves turn at different times and, as a result, Missourians enjoy a fall color season that may last four to six weeks.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-898-8895


Montana Scenic Loop Ovando


Leaf-ing Nevada: Fun Foliage Trips

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Foliage:  Each year, during foliage season, a state-wide network of leaf peepers furnish the NH Office of Travel and Tourism with updates on the status of fall color. These reports cover the seven regions of the State.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-258-3608  During September and October only.

New Jersey

Fall Driving Tours:  This varied tour will take you through some of New Jersey’s beautiful fall scenery as well as to historic sites and a theatre in a castle.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-354-4595

New York State

New York State in Autumn:  Foliage reports from around New York State help you plan where it’s best to go to see the leaves at their peak.
New York State’s Best Fall Colors: Fodor’s collection of Fall Tour ideas, with links to the relative tour operator websites.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-225-5697

New Mexico

Scenic Foliage Trips in New Mexico

North Carolina

Fall Colors:  Learn more about this natural phenomenon and autumn folklore.
Fall Color in Asheville:  Beginning in late September and continuing throughout the season, fall color reports for Asheville and the surrounding area are updated weekly, along with suggested scenic drives and fall foliage photography tips.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-847-4862

North Dakota

Fall Foliage


Ohio’s Fall Foliage Report:  To help Ohioans and out-of-state visitors make the most of this popular touring season, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources provides weekly Fall Color Updates. The updates include on-the-spot reports from state parks, forests and Nature preserve throughout Ohio, helping fall color enthusiasts pinpoint the very best locations for peak viewing.
Call To The Colors:  Depending on temperatures, colors start changing in Ohio around mid-September; peak color in the southern part of the state occurs around mid-October.  Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-BUCKEYE


Fall Foliage


Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-547-5445


Fall in Pennsylvania:  Fiery reds and golds surround you as you explore the rolling hills of Moshannon State Park or the majestic Appalachian Mountains. Choose one of the recommended driving tours to take you through some of Pennsylvania’s 17 million acres of forest.
Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-FALL-INPA

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Fall Foliage Tour:  Rhode Island provides the perfect getaway for those looking to enjoy classic New England fall festivities. The state harvests a cornucopia of fall activities and brilliant foliage throughout September, October, and November.
Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-556-2484

South Carolina

Fall Foliage

South Dakota

Fall Foliage in South Dakota

Nothing beats the spicy aromas of pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and ginger in the fall. It’s probably one of the reasons I love this time of year much! If you’re considering a fall spa treatment or products to tantalize your senses, rest assured knowing that there are health benefits of Pumpkin Apples, Cinnamon and Ginger.

In skincare, Ginger and Cinnamon are warming, and increases circulation and creates a warming sensation that allows the skin to release toxins and generate fresh, new skin cells. Cinnamon contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic qualities.

Don’t feel so guilty for that second slice of Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin is loaded with essential antioxidants and carotenes, which fight off cancer-causing free radicals. When used on the skin, it has the same antioxidant properties, combats fine lines and adds moisture for soft, supple skin.

Fall Foliage


Spavelous Recommends:

philosophy red delicious apple hot salt tub and shower scrub

if you love the smell of yummy red apples then look no further than philosophy’s apple– hot salt tub and shower scrub. this unique formula was designed to out-perform any salt scrub on the market. its gentle glycerin base leaves skin feeling soft, never oily and its natural extracts help moisturize and smooth skin while you exfoliate.

Members of the International SPA Association are offering unique spa treatments and products to help spa-goers hydrate warm-weather skin and prepare for the chilly months ahead. “ISPA members find it important to enhance their offerings seasonally to address the needs of dryer skin as the weather changes,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “It’s critical to set aside time to relax, reflect, revitalize and rejoice in the fall season before”. Here are a few of their Fall Features as reported by ISPA :

West Virginia’s Atasia Spa is tying in with the regional Apple Butter Festival. During September and October, Atasia will offer an Apple Butter Scrub treatment that begins with a warm body wash and ends with apple-scented body lotion.
The Golden Door Spa at the Boulders Resort in Arizona is offering a Golden Harvest Facial, which combines pumpkin, green tea and avocado oil to cleanse and revitalize your skin. Essential oils of sweet orange, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are also used to calm and clear the mind.
The Pumpkin Body Treat at California’s The Spa at Santaluz includes the application of warmed pumpkin, cream, cornmeal, and honey to exfoliate dead skin cells. And, the Sweet Pumpkin Spice Pedicure, including a cinnamon spice soak, will have your toes dancing!
More ISPA Spas indicating they have Fall Features:

Atasia Spa
Berkeley Springs, WV

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
Sonoma, CA

Golden Door Spa at the Boulders Resort
Carefree, AZ

Kinan Spa at Maroma Resort
Playa de Carmen, Mexico

Mohonk Mountain House
New Paltz, NY

Mona Spa & Laser Center
Memphis, TN

San Francisco, CA

Spa at Santaluz
Santaluz, CA

Spa Eastman
Eastman, QC, Canada

Sunrise Springs
Sante Fe, NM

The Village Spa Inc.
Williamsville, NY

Pumpkin pulp is naturally full of antioxidants and skin-boosting ingredients. Combined into a facial, natural pumpkin and pulp extracts can give you a seasonal boost right where you need it. Pumpkin facials are being offered around the country and can include body wraps and moisturizing boosts. Exfoliating treatments followed by a pumpkin pulp application are energizing and refreshing!

Spa Xanadu, Arcadia, CA

  • Pumpkin Luminous Facial:  Pumpkin offers anti-oxidants and enzymes that act like alpha-hydroxy acids by shedding dead skin cells from the surface and increasing the rate of cell renewal. It stimulates collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer, smoother, and fresher appearance. Your skin is replenished with nutrients to give you a healthy luminous glow.

Sirens Salon & Day Spa, San Diego, CA

  • Pumpkin Body Masque:  This is one treatment not to be missed.  Pumpkin is a wonderful natural exfoliant.  This treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation then you are painted with our Special Pumpkin Treatment.  You are then wrapped up to lavish in the treatment.  Followed by their own Pumpkin Body Butter.  Yummy!

Destino Spa, Palo Alto, CA

  • Pumpkin Body Harvest:  A treatment trio so good you’ll wish you could eat it! This scrub, wrap, massage combo begins with their stimulating Pumpkin Oatmeal Walnut scrub which is sure to promote soft and healthy skin from head to toe. Next, they apply a layer of their sumptuous hydrating pumpkin body masque to infuse the skin with moisture and nutrients. This deluxe treatment is concluded with a relaxing 40- minute custom massage to soothe and de-stress both the body and mind.

Mangos Day Spa and Salon, Ellensburg, WA

  •  Apple Cinnamon Sea Bliss:  This treatment begins with a cleansing, pore-shrinking body scrub made from sea salt and cinnamon combined with fresh apple cider.  The cider promotes blood circulation and smoothes the skin with alpha-hydroxy acids while the cinnamon acts as an antiseptic to restore the vibrancy and tone of the skin.  A warm shower then follows it, seaweed and cider mask that is applied to the skin to moisturize and tone the whole body and is topped off with an aromatic scalp treatment.

Find a Day Spa Near You.

Spavelous Recommends:

Philosophy Apple Hand Wash 8oz

This NEW gentle, moisturizing hand wash was created to cleanse your hands while inspiring your senses with the fresh scent of red delicious apples. the ultra-rich formula will cleanse and condition hands in one-step leaving them feeling soft and clean

Pumpkin Masque

A version of the pumpkin masque is showing up on store shelves, on salon “menus” and even on Oprah. Why is it so popular? It could be the yummy pumpkin pie scent. But it’s most likely the phenomenal therapeutical value of pumpkin. Pumpkin is overflowing with vitamins A and C, and beta-carotene. These antioxidants protect skin from the damage done by free radicals. Is your upper chest damaged from sun exposure? Even if the sun damage has left your décolleté rough, the pumpkin masque will retexture your skin giving you softer, younger-looking face, neck, and chest skin. Cinnamon warms the skin, promoting the circulation of blood to the skin… Cinnamon also has antiseptic qualities to fight bacteria. Egg yolks emulsify the mixture and hold moisture in the skin during the treatment.


• One-fourth cup pumpkin puree
• One-fourth teaspoon ground cinnamon
• One-fourth teaspoon safflower oil
• One egg yolk

Mix ingredients in a small bowl. Massage mixture over face (avoiding eyes). It is also good to use on the neck, décolleté, and body. Lay back and let the pumpkin soften and rejuvenate your skin for twenty minutes before washing off with cool water. Makes one facial masque.

Spavelous Recommends:

Jurlique Orange & Cinnamon Bath Salts

Jurlique’s delicately scented bath salts are moisturizing and extremely relaxing. Great for a footbath at the end of the day! Orange & Cinnamon – invigorating and revitalizing. Jurlique Orange and Cinnamon Bath Salts provide a refreshing and invigorating Aromatherapy bath experience. Pure Essential Oil from Cinnamon and Orange invigorate and refresh, whilst the pure Sea Salt and Clay cleanses, soothes, and enlivens the skin.

Eminence Pumpkin & Orange Masque

Skin Type: Mature, devitalized.Benefits: Intense hydrating masque. Moisturizes the epidermis and plumps dehydration lines increase the water content of the epidermis. Slight stimulating action gives the complexion a smooth, toned, radiance.

Autumn is a time to remember who you are and what is most important. It is a time to slow down, take the car, and make it a long weekend. As Deepak Chopra would say, it is time for a prana building moment. This fall, treat yourself to luxury and pampering at your favorite spa resort. Fall is a time for a change in the seasons, a time for a change in your life, and getting away this fall is a great way to re-energize and boost your natural energy as well! A luxurious spa treatment can be just the indulgence you need to embrace the change of temperature and transition toward winter. Specialty treatments hosted by your spa abound with the holidays fast approaching, and the selection of fresh ingredients combine for some unique and distinguished services. *

Fall Foliage

Here are Spavelous Top Eight Fall Getaway Places:

1. Grand Lodge Crested Butte, Crested Butte, CO

$105 per night for a two-night stay: This high-country destination is covered with wildflowers. Outdoor enthusiasts have a range of options, including salmon fishing, and the variety of restaurants in the town is unusual for a skier’s Mecca. The starting rate of $105 per person per room is for a two-night stay at the Grand Lodge Crested Butte, a full-service hotel by the slopes. When: Sept. 1 to Nov. 17, 2007. By availability. No restrictions by day of the week. Details: Rental car not included. Hotel taxes are 13 percent, plus a 2 percent fee, and a $9 a night fee. Based on double occupancy.

Wildflower Spa

Where the healing arts and Mother Nature meet — Mother knows best which is why we formulate all our spa treatments with only the purest of botanical extracts and flower essences.

Their vision is to create the most naturally relaxing and healing spa experience possible. Wildflower spa features plant-derived spa treatments and specializes in wildflower wraps, body scrubs, facials, and aromatherapy products. They customize your massage with specific blended essential oils. Their body polishes and herbal wraps combine Dead Sea salts, nourishing clays, and ph balance.

Grand Lodge

2. The Sagamore, Lake George, NY


The Foliage at the Lake Sunday Getaways package at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing, N.Y., includes a stay in either The Lodges or the Historic Hotel, snacks in the evenings, and breakfast daily. For $280 more per couple, the Land, Air, and Lake package allow you to have a two-night stay and to add your choice of a lunch cruise on the Morgan as it sails Lake George or a two-hour sightseeing train ride.

The Sagamore Spa

Featured Fall Service: Mountain Maple Escape: Nourish your body and soul with a hot mineral-rich infusion of natural healing elements from the Adirondacks. A blend of maple syrup, sugar, honey, and healing herbs embraces your entire body as you drift away. Enjoy a cascading Vichy rinse and conclude this escape with a gentle application of moisturizing lotion.

3. Munro House Bed & Breakfast, Jonesville MI

$215 per night for a 2-night stay. The Southern Michigan Fall Colors package at the Munro House Bed & Breakfast and Spa in the southern part of the state. They offer a two-night stay in a room with a fireplace during early October when the colors are usually at their peak, breakfast daily, and dinner daily.

The Spa At Muro House

Featured Treatment: Warm Algae Wrap – Detoxify and re-mineralize your skin with warm, protein-rich sea algae. First, your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated. Next, a pure, micronized algae paste is applied to your body. Wrapped in a blanket to seal in warmth, you’ll relax for 25 minutes as the algae’s iodine, vitamins, and minerals seep into your skin. Simultaneously hydrating and detoxifying, the algae stimulates circulation and improves elasticity. The treatment includes a moisturizing one-hour body massage to leave skin soft and supple.

4. The Spa at Norwich Inn, Norwich CT

Autumn Arrives! With its brilliant palette of fiery red, dazzling orange, bright yellow, and gold – enjoy the fall foliage season in its entire splendor! The Romantic Country Getaway package at the Spa at Norwich Inn in Eastern Connecticut offers lodging at the 1930s Colonial Revival-style inn. Rose petals scattered from the door to the bed, a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, breakfast, and dinner daily, and use of the spa’s facilities(including a sauna, a whirlpool, and an indoor pool), starting at $458 per night. When: By availability.

The Spa

Featured Treatment: Norwich Native Flower Wrap This treatment incorporates floral essences that are indigenous to New England, with the benefits of a hydrating body wrap. The Mind-Body system is lavishly rewarded with purely natural ingredients that influence and relax the body and stimulate the senses. The predominant fragrance is Rose – as Norwich is designated the ‘Rose of New England!

5. Old Edwards Inn and Spa, Highlands, NC

Old Edwards

$679 per night for a 2-night stay. The Leaf Looker package at the Old Edwards Inn and Spa in the Smoky Mountains, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, includes a stay for two nights at the Inn or the Lodge, champagne on arrival, breakfast daily, access to spa facilities, a picnic lunch for two and a picnic blanket and a disposable camera.

The Spa at the Old Edwards Inn

Featured Treatment: Sweet Mountain Metamorphosis you’ll believe you are in a Carolina meadow with their Signature Treatment at The Spa at the Old Edwards Inn. Sweet smelling, exfoliating body scrub of crushed lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and peppermint is applied to the skin to create a delicate glow. The rhythmic beauty of their metamorphosis massage, incorporating ten modalities from around the world, will lull you into a deep surrender. A soothing it application of hydrating body cream precedes the final cocooning of your body. You will emerge from the cocoon transformed and ready to fly!

6. Felicita Garden Resort & Spa, Harrisburg, PA

Their packages include a night’s lodging (double occupancy) and a variety of other enjoyable options start at less than $300 double occupancy. Choices for spa services are made from the same categories listed on this website on the Spa menu page. Packages range from a single overnight stay coupled with one service to multiple services that can be spread out over two or three days. Each package is “Per Person.” Additional night’s lodging beyond the first night is discounted when combined with a 1 night’s lodging package.

The Spa at Felicita Resort

Featured Treatment: Fango Natrium Mud Bath
This bath is effective for removing impurities and smoothing the texture of the skin. Fango Natrium, mineral-rich volcanic ash, relaxes tired muscles, detoxifies, revitalizes.

6. Felicita Garden Resort & Spa

7. Grand Cascade Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort, Vernon, NJ

New Jersey’s new resort hotel, Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort, is offering value-added fall packages that highlight the Lodge’s diverse amenities: the Wine Spectator Grand-Award winning wine cellar and Restaurant Latour; Golf Digest-acclaimed links; forthcoming Reflections Spa and existing Elements Spa; and the innovative 10,000-square-foot covered Biosphere pool. Starting Sept. 17, 2007, the new packages will be available for booking.

The Wine Gourmet getaway, available through Dec. 13, 2007, which starts at $215, includes a private tour of the property’s wine cellar, a seven-course wine pairing dinner, a welcome bottle of wine from local Warwick Valley Winery, accommodations in a premium guestroom and a tour and tasting at the Warwick Valley Winery, in addition to unlimited, complimentary access to Minerals Sports Club with indoor/outdoor heated pools, sauna, and a 6,000-square-foot fitness center. A two-night minimum is required on holidays and weekends through September.

Grand Cascade
The Elements Spa Escape package. All rates are per person, based on double occupancy in a premium guestroom at Grand Cascades Lodge.

Elements Spa

Featured Service: Native Spirit Wrap A unique body experience using a mosaic of muds to purify & replenish the skin with minerals.

8. Killington Fall Foliage Getaway, Killington, VT

Killington Grand Spa
The Fall Foliage Getaway includes a wide selection of lodging and a roundtrip ride on the 1 ¼ -mile K1 Gondola to view the autumn colors of 5 states and Canada from atop 4,241′ Killington Peak, the highest lift-serviced mountain in New England.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for 2 or a family vacation, you’ll find lodging to suit your needs. Choices include condominiums with fireplaces and pools for 2 to 10 people as well as full-service hotel rooms. Accommodations with mountain views are available.

If you have difficulty finding the accommodations or dates that you require please call us at 1-800-621-MTNS (6867).

*Package Details: 2 nights lodging and gondola ride are required for package rates (1 night/1 day package available at a slightly higher price). Rates shown are based on 4 people in a 1 bedroom condominium and do not include tax or service fees. Other room types and occupancies are available at varying rates.

Killington Grand Spa

Featured Treatment: Reflexology This “zone” therapy will assist in the elimination of stress and tension. Focused on hand and feet to generate a feeling of well-being and tranquility.

* This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Take the time to recharge yourself

Perhaps it is because I am in the Autumn of my life, that I cherish the Fall Foliage months. It is as though, like the tress, we are adorned with gold, allowing our true colors to surface and bring the best to the forefront as we float, dancing with life and enjoying Nature and the spa experience. Please take the time to recharge yourself and see all that the USA has to offer in all its majestic blaze. With that, I leave you with this poem.


By: Abhinabha

O season of ripe beauty, you I greet!
Whose heart is love’s calm wisdom at its throbbing core;
Your deep hues and myriad colors make the soul’s wings beat
And lift a lover like me to your ambrosial shore.

Through you, Nature weeps its precious golden tears,
If you, a mortal eye could glimpse its native Immortality,
O endless fount of inspiration to the poet-seers
To be bound by your embrace is to be truly free!

Glad earth bathes in your benign and lustrous smile
And man’s heart thrills with an unknown rapture and delight
By your whispers and footfalls and flute-call beguiled,
An ancient kinship links him to your celestial height.

A brimming of golden sweetness in your dreaming eyes
Fills the world with the beauty of a realm divine,
The sun’s last rays serenely trickle from your purple skies:
I send my love and song and call your blessings mine.


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