Play and then pamper yourself at the PGA TOUR Spa Laterra







PGA Tour / Laterra Resort & Spa / St. Augustine, Florida

Tranquility, that’s the feeling that you get after a visit to the PGA Tour Spa Laterra.




From the moment you set foot into the beautifully appointed spa in the Mediterranean-style building at the World Golf Village, you are transported to a personal state of peacefulness and calm. Whatever tension you may have brought with you — from work or your life outside the office — evaporates as you settle into the serene surroundings.



Before a recent therapeutic touch massage, there was time to relax in the circular spa lounge. The centerpiece — quite literally — is a gently cascading waterfall that is ringed by comfortable chaise lounges accented with abundant pillows. You can sip tea there and read the latest fitness magazines as you await the next phase of the your Spa Laterra experience.



Several treatment rooms surround the circular lounge. The walls of each are painted brown, carrying the theme of the entire indoor part of the spa, and the lighting is dim. The massage tables are heated and lined with beige towels.



The Spa Laterra offers a variety of massages — from sea stone to aromatherapy and reflexology to a special 19th hole treatment designed to soothe angry, aching muscles after a round of golf at one of the area’s top-flight courses like the King & Bear or Slammer & Squire. The spa’s signature, though, is its sports massage that combines deep tissue and stretching.



The therapeutic touch massage can be tailored to light or firm pressure, as well as to concentrate on specific trouble spots. You’re given time alone to get comfortable on the table before the therapist begins to work. Close your eyes and you might drift off to sleep as the soft music, low lights and gentle kneading of tired muscles encourages total relaxation.



Eventually, the scent of peppermint wafts under your nose as you lie comfortably, face down, on the massage table signaling the end of the massage — all too soon. The Spa Laterra also offers a variety of body treatments to complement the massage, including the signature scrub with fresh oranges and citrus lotion, as well as a detox wrap that features a full body scrub and an application of the Spa’s trademark ACE cream to help reduce cellulite.



Visitors can also experience a variety of facials, including “The Cure,” which features a customized, 60-minute treatment for your face while a massage therapist performs a relaxing reflexology session on your feet over the final half hour. The “Fitness Facial,” another one of the Spa’s signature treatments, is designed to restore a healthy glow to your skin by utilizing aromatherapy, antioxidants and enzymes.



Whether you opt for a massage or a facial or any of the other spa packages, expect to relax and be revived at the PGA TOUR Spa LaTerra.


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