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Top Spa Trends

This is a defining year of separating Spavelous spa experiences from the average spa experience. A spa fad is a unique spa service which...

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Influenced by the baby boomers who want to turn back the hands of time and slow down the aging process, spas are now going...

Facial Spa Trends

With the current economy, many consumers re-evaluate their cosmetic surgery plans. More people may choose less invasive procedures such as injectables and fillers instead...

More Than Basic Body Contouring

The market for body-shaping procedures has experienced tremendous growth, primarily due to the development of laser and light systems. It is predicted that body-contour...
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Personal Development

Change your mind change your life. Hypnotherapy and meditation 'treatments' will help those seeking personal development to address their concerns about life, love and...

The Return of the Health Spa

Health & Wellness is definitely one of the hot trends. It encompasses such huge components as diabetes and obesity, food safety, women’s health, allergies...