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The Art of Feng Shui: Boost Your Love Life, Wealth, and Achievements with These 10 Secrets

The Art of Feng Shui: 10 Powerful Principles

Boost Your Love Life, Wealth, and Achievements with These 10 Secrets

It is the ancient Chinese art of arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance to amplify positive energy flow. Practicing this art can help remove stagnation, invite new opportunities, improve relationships, and accelerate success. 

Story at a Glance

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui aims to optimize energy flow in living and working spaces to manifest positive outcomes. Clutter is seen as blocking prosperity, so decluttering allows beneficial chi to circulate. Refreshing room colors with energizing hues like light blues and greens clear stagnation. Inspiring decor like spiritual symbols, plants, and loved ones’ photos amplifies uplifting energy.

Activating the wealth corner in the farthest back-right area of a home or office with fountains and metallic accents attracts abundance. Bedrooms should promote relaxation by avoiding electronics and using romantic colors. The front door is crucial for welcoming opportunities, so it must be clutter-free with bright lighting. Kitchen chi flow nourishes success when optimized with wood tones, yellows, and a clear sink area.

Mirror placement requires care as mirrors can multiply and clash energies. Mirrors should reflect beautiful views but not point at the bed or other mirrors. Living plants purify chi, especially in entryways, bedrooms, and living areas. The benefits must be maintained through regular decluttering, cleansing rituals, and periodic upgrades. Optimizing energetic flow improves health, wealth, love, and more.


Here are 10 powerful principles and tips to shift energy and manifest your desired life.

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    10 powerful Feng Shui principles and tips to shift energy and manifest your desired life.

    Declutter to allow positive energy flow. Reduce items by 50% in each room.

  2. Refresh room colors with uplifting shades like light blues, greens, oranges. Avoid red.
  3. Use inspiring decor – photos, motivational quotes, and spiritual symbols.
  4. Activate the wealth corner in the far back right area of the home/office. Use fountains and plants.
  5. Arrange bedroom to allow relaxation and romance. No TVs or exercise equipment.
  6. Energize the front door by removing clutter, adding a wreath, and bright lighting.
  7. Boost kitchen chi flow with wood tones, yellows, oranges. Keep sink clear.
  8. Place mirrors to expand beautiful views, not facing the bed or other mirrors.
  9. Use plants to purify and rejuvenate energy. Spider plants in hallways, orchids in the bedroom.
  10. Maintain harmony through regular decluttering, cleansing rituals, and periodic upgrades.

What is Feng Shui? History and Benefits of Fung Shui

benefits of fung shui
Benefits of Fung Shui

Originating in China over 3,000 years ago, the ancient art of Feng Shui seeks to harmonize the flow of energy (chi) in living and working environments by aligning spatial arrangement and other factors based on Taoist principles of balance and flow. 

This is the ancient Chinese practice of optimizing energy flow (chi) within buildings and landscapes to promote health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Based on Taoist principles of harmony and balance, it aims to create environments that allow chi to circulate smoothly. This is achieved by deliberately placing objects and using colors, décor choices, and spatial arrangements designed to amplify or defuse negative energy.

When appropriately applied, these techniques can purportedly clear stagnant energies and invite improvements in finances, relationships, well-being, and more. 

By thoughtfully tending to the physical surroundings and symbolic meanings encoded in the space, it allows you to manifest optimal conditions for personal and professional growth.

While it originates from ancient Chinese philosophy, modern scientific research has uncovered evidence supporting some of its core principles. 

Studies show that spaces with ample natural light, fresh air, open floor plans, living plants, and minimal clutter can substantially reduce stress, boost mood, and increase productivity. 

The calming effects of natural elements and vegetation and the mental clarity from decluttering and organization likely contribute to the benefits attributed to proper Feng Shui

Though more research is needed, there are measurable physiological and psychological effects from environmental factors that its philosophy has long advocated.

Though initially met with skepticism in the West, it has steadily gained mainstream popularity due to anecdotal reports of its effectiveness at improving finances, furthering careers, resolving relationship issues, and enhancing overall well-being

By applying these techniques to optimize the energetic flow in your surroundings, you can purportedly welcome health, abundance, romance, and good fortune into your life

The benefits arise from both the enhancements made to the space and the power of intention and symbolism to manifest desired outcomes.

10 Powerful Principles In Details

Declutter to Allow Energy Flow

Clutter is one of the biggest blocks to positive energy and forward movement. According to this art, clutter overloads spaces with stuck energy, so opportunities and improvements can’t enter. Set the foundation for positive changes by:

  • Use the “keep, donate, toss” method to start with one room at a time. 
  • Reducing furniture and items by 50% in each room allows freer chi circulation.
  • Remove or store unused, broken, or meaningless objects.
  • Keeping surfaces clear – especially entryways, hallways, and desk spaces.
  • Organizing closets and drawers so everything has a place.
  • Regularly clearing out old/unneeded paperwork, files, emails, etc.

Decluttering energetically “cleanses” and helps create a peaceful and inspiring environment.

Refresh Room Color Energies

Colors hold specific energies that impact mood, creativity, relationships, and more. Over time, their effects can stagnate. Infuse fresh chi into rooms with the following:

  • New accent colors that uplift – greens, blues, light pinks, oranges. Avoid red.
  • Repainting walls in lighter, brighter shades. Soft greys, eggshell whites, pale blues.
  • New bedsheets, pillows, rugs, and artwork in rejuvenating shades.
  • Add healing orchids, bamboo, and lotus plants. They filter energy beautifully.

Use colors intentionally to enhance productivity, harmony, rest, romance, or creativity.

Energize With Inspiring Decor

Your décor profoundly influences your mindset and chi flow. Upgrade stagnant energy with:

  • Wall art displaying spiritual symbols like the lotus flower or yin-yang.
  • Photos of loved ones laughing and enjoying life. No sad memories.
  • Motivational quotes and affirmations framed in strong, clear fonts.
  • Items displaying your achievements, dreams, hobbies, and passions.
  • Things from nature – shells, stones, driftwood, houseplants, essential oils.

Surround yourself with inspiring images and symbols to manifest more success, joy, and harmony.

Activate Abundance Corner in Office/Home

wealth corner
Activate Abundance Corner

To attract prosperity, activate your wealth corner, which differs for each home. Find yours by facing the front door and turning clockwise to your farthest back-right corner. Boost this spot by:

  • Adding a small fountain or tabletop water feature with water flowing inward.
  • I use colors like purple, green, and red. Metallic accents are available in gold, silver, brass, or copper.
  • Having two solid legs on your desk. Avoid glass desktops or metal legs crossing.
  • Traditional Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon draped across the desk are used.
  • Place a crystal tree, plant, or tray of crystals like citrine or amethyst.
  • Keep the area clean and avoid storing papers or files in this spot.

When chi flows freely through your abundance corner, opportunities flow to you!

Arrange Bedroom for Relaxation & Love

Your bedroom is crucial to your relaxation, self-care, and relationships. Set this space up for success with:

  • Asymmetrical, square, or rectangular bed. No foot of bed pointing toward or under a beam.
  • The bed is against a solid wall, not floating in the middle of the room. The position allows grounded support.
  • Nightstands and lamps on each side to create balance.
  • No exercise equipment, computers, or TVs. Strictly for sleep and romance.
  • Romantic colors like pink, peach, rose, and cream. Candles, fresh flowers, and couples’ art.
  • Keep underneath the bed clear. No storing suitcases, boxes, or clutter underneath.

Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary for self-renewal and loving connections.

Activate Front Door Flow

Your home’s front door is the “mouth of chi,” where energy enters. To activate excellent inflow:

  • Make sure the door and threshold are clutter-free. Sweeping often clears stuck energy.
  • Add a fresh wreath or flowers to the inner door to beautify the entry flow.
  • Keep entry lighting bright and uplifting. Add crystals or bells to charm new opportunities.
  • Use auspicious front door colors like red, purple, or blue – never black.
  • Avoid blocking doorways or placing storage by the front door.

When you harmonize your entryway flow, you invite great chi and opportunities to enter your life.

Boost Kitchen Wealth Chi

boost kitchen wealth chi
Boost Kitchen Wealth Chi

In world of Feng Shui, the kitchen amplifies wealth, health, and family abundance energies. To maximize its potential:

  • Incorporate colors like yellow, orange, and green. Use mostly wood or earth-toned metals.
  • Make sure the stove is positioned to have a solid wall behind it and doesn’t “cut” the kitchen’s energy.
  • Place a small bowl of fruit or living fresh herbs by a window to stimulate prosperity flow.
  • Keep sinks and counters very clean and clear of clutter. Clogged sinks or broken appliances block wealth energy.
  • Display a bowl filled with coins, crystals, or attracting symbols like bamboo or lotus.

When you harmonize your kitchen’s chi flow, it nourishes success throughout your home.

Use Mirrors Intentionality

Mirrors amplify energy, so strategic placement is key. To avoid stagnation or aggravation:

  • Angle mirrors so they don’t directly face your bed or other mirrors. This causes energy clashing.
  • Place mirrors to reflect beautiful views, natural images, or entryways, energizing what you want to see more of.
  • Keep mirrors clean and defect-free. Cover them at night if needed so they don’t multiply negative chi.
  • Use mirrors to make small spaces feel more extensive, but avoid “fun house” labyrinth effects.

In Feng Shui meaning, mirror placement is powerful. Point them to expand vision and possibility energetically.

Rejuvenate With Living Plants

Plants powerfully purify, refresh, and invigorate stagnant chi. Healing benefits come from:

  • Placing leafy green plants like spider plants or bamboo in entryways and hallways to freshen arriving energy.
  • Add flowering plants like orchids, gardenias, or lilies in bedrooms and bathrooms for relaxation.
  • Use air purifiers like peace lilies, ferns, English ivy, or aloe vera in offices or living rooms.
  • Larger plants like rubber trees or fiddle leaf figs should be planted in “solid” corners of a room to ground the energy.
  • Caring for plants and watering them daily strengthens their nourishing effects.

Thriving, vibrant plants work continuously to cleanse energy, restore freshness, and welcome new growth.

Maintain Harmony

The adjustments create powerful shifts, but their effects diminish without maintenance. Keep chi flow vitalized by:

  • Regularly clearing clutter before it accumulates and stagnates.
  • Perform monthly space cleansing with crystals, bells, or incense to clear stuck energies.
  • Yearly decluttering and removal of anything broken, expired, or unneeded.
  • Complement decor upgrades with periodic infusions of new art, colors, or textiles.
  • Re-assessing room energies and layouts seasonally and making any realignments.
  • I remain aware of my energy balance and immediately adjust placements as needed.

Consistent upkeep sustains the harmonizing effects and accelerated growth of the positive energy.

Start Improving Your Flow

As you begin working with these principles, slowly move through your home and feel the existing energies. Notice when and where the energy changes or gets stuck. Then, apply the most needed adjustments, starting with quick clears and decluttering. Over time, keep building on enhancements until you have a home flowing with vitality to manifest your best life. With an uplifted mindset and positive chi propelling you forward, new possibilities will naturally arise.


Feng Shui enhances energy flow in a home through intentional adjustments to clutter, colors, decor, furnishings, and spatial arrangements. When appropriately applied, Feng Shui principles allow fresh, positive chi to circulate, inviting improvements, prosperity, and abundance. Regular maintenance, such as decluttering, cleansing rituals, and periodic upgrades, helps sustain the benefits. Mindfully tending to the energetic harmony in your living and working spaces, you manifest optimal conditions for personal growth, nurturing relationships, and achieving your dreams.