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This is a defining year of separating Spavelous spa experiences from the average spa experience. A spa fad is a unique spa service which comes and goes but does not stand the test of time. A Spa Trend is something that develops with time and holds up for a substantial time period. Spa trends have depth and staying power. They may slowly sprout up in different places, and they have non-stop growth. Sometimes, spa trends re-invent themselves and this is will bring back some spa basics. Just as Spavelous is less about finding a spa, and more about defining a spa experience which enhances and enriches your life, spa goers are now in a different mind frame when they review spas and determine where they want to receive their spa treatments.

top spa trendsLook for spas to provide you with a complete online experience so you can make a better decision. There will be an increase in the use of actual spa photos, videos and a greater emphasis on who the employees are and the credentials they hold. Spa will use less stock spa photos and they will feature more before and after testimonials along with actual client testimonials. Spa consumers will read and write more spa reviews and stay away from spas that only list their name and address. Savvy spa goers realize that spas that do not invest in websites have not invested in their brand identity and may not invest in the best equipment, procedures and products.

As far as market segment is concerned, baby boomers are still the most important marketing demographics. More than 80 percent of marketing professionals rank the boomers in the top as an important or the most important demographics to target. However, generation X and Y are following them very closely. So look for spa services directed at healthy aging and anti aging. Boomers are wellness and experience seekers, and that they also seek vitality and recovery from the products they purchase.

Fifty percent of spa goers visit with the intention of reducing stress, weight loss and improving their emotional health. More people are taking responsibility for their health, and there is a new focus on longevity, and aging gracefully with vigor. Our bodies are very important, and if we don’t take proper care of them, whether that’s through spa treatments, yoga, exercise or eating properly, how can we be healthy? Spas are now offering the opportunity to address these needs, as well as allowing us to touch base with our inner core, to have downtime, and be touched in a healing way. In addition, spa goers in their 20s and 30s are becoming more interested in making sure they can keep not only wrinkles, but also health issues such as memory decline and joint problems in check in the years to come.

Aging populations are looking to maintain vitality and fight disease through ‘functional’ products that facilitate healthy aging. As the global population continues to age, new functional products offering specific and targeted antidotes to age-related ailments continue to enter the market, there is a new level of spirit and em­powerment among older people. They want to stay active and engaged, mentally, physically and socially for as long as possible and the spa can provide a multitude of these needs.

This is all about survival of the fittest in the spa industry. Consumers are going to demand real value for their money as well as visible results, The spa trends for this year based on our research are being influenced by baby boomers needs, the economy, a return to the basics and what was old is new again. In this issue, Spavelous will give you the spa insiders look at the trends that you will see continuing and emerging this year in the best of spas.

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