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The Best Spa and Salon Summertime Hair Treatments


Steam, Los Angeles CA

Carla Gentile's West Hollywood salon Steam takes a spa-like approach to the basic hair care routine. The shampoo room looks like a Moroccan hammam; the lights are dim, the music low and the staff speaks softly. Gentile offers seven moisturizing treatments that focus on conditioning, scalp "deep cleaning" or both. Some include a 10-minute head massage with essential oils and perhaps a 10- or 15-minute neck, shoulder and arm massage; a gentle hair brushing to apply a hair masque; and a session under a steam hood or dryer. One popular treatment uses roasted sesame seeds marinated in clove, lemon and thyme essential oils said to help clean the scalp and condition the hair.


Luxelab. Santa Monica CA

The Santa Monica salon also offers seven ways to deep condition, including three new ones inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. The 25-minute taki ceremony isn't nearly as stylized as an actual tea ceremony, yet tea tools set the mood. After a stylist examines the hair, the scalp is cleaned with an application of jasmine oil.

Hair Salon

Followed with a 10-minute shiatsu scalp massage. Using a whisk, and what looks like a matcha teacup, the stylist combines a fast-absorbing camellia essential oil with a cream made with deep sea water said to provide minerals. The mixture is painted down the hair strands with a short-bristled goat-hair brush and left to sit for 10 minutes. Unlike most salon conditioning treatments, the Shu Uemura products used here contain no silicone and require no heat to penetrate the hair.


Murad Medical Spa, El Segundo CA

Murad Signature Scalp Treatment

The scalp responds to the same healing attention as the skin on the face and body. The formulations of essential nutrients in Dr. Murad’s Professional Scalp Treatments have been scientifically formulated to enhance circulation, nourish roots and leave hair healthy, soft, and glossy. We focus on thinning hair, chemically treated hair, or dandruff. All treatments include shampoo, conditioning, and blow dry. Treat yourself for healthy hair growth or add to your regularly scheduled hair treatment. 


Buhl Mansion Guesthouse and Spa, Sharon, PA   ( Nationwide Pevonia Spa Location )

Pevonia Scalp Treatments  |  Moroccan Scalp & Hair Treatment with Rassoul

Treat your hair to an ancient therapeutic ritual! This cleansing scalp and hair treatment utilizes micronized Rassoul powder, long recognized for its mineralizing and hydrating benefits. Your hair is generously treated with this natural rassoul and a de-stressing scalp massage is then performed for optimal ingredient absorbency. Your hair resurfaces wonderfully replenished and gloriously hydrated. Ideal for those with excess oiliness and seborrheic scalp conditions.

Repairing Scalp & Hair Treatment with Moor Mud

Reveal radiant, healthy hair! Moor, a rich organic mud, has long been recognized for its curative powers. This powerful scalp and hair treatment repairs and heals depleted or damaged hair through the application of Moor mud followed by a revitalizing scalp massage for maximum ingredient absorbency. Your hair resurfaces visibly repaired, nourished and fortified. Ideal for persons with psoriasis scalp conditions.


Aveda hair treatments  


Hair & Scalp Treatments  |   Damage Remedy Hair and Scalp Renewal

A potent sensory experience and intense repair for hair. It begins with scalp, neck and shoulder massage—with up to 12 aroma-therapeutic essential oils—to increase scalp circulation while targeting pressure points that release tension. Then hair is treated with one of two intense repair formulas: Moisture Immersion, for up to 71% softer, smoother strands; or Strength Infusion, for up to 71% more resistance to combing breakage. At every step, aroma-therapy elevates, soothes or recharges.


Aquamedica, Long Branch NJ

AquaMedica provides a unique Hair and Scalp treatment services you won't find at any other spa in the state of NJ. This technology enables us to determine the true nature of your hair and to monitor any changes over time by examining it once every three months.

Shea Butter Hair Facial

The most luxurious of treatments! A deeply moisturizing and conditioning treatment recommended for very dry, coarse hair. The results are immediate lasting brilliance and shine, with the hair shaft truly restored and nourished.

Deep Action Hair Facial With Carrot Oil

A nourishing treatment for dry, coarser-textured hair that leaves hair soft and shiny.
Shine Infusion

This intensive treatment infuses even the dullest hair with a deep, long-lasting shine. Hair will look and feel healthier and more vibrant.

Evensong Spa, Green Lake WI

Enrichments for Facial and Body Treatments

These services may be incorporated with any facial or body treatment to enhance your experience. (Sorry, these services cannot be booked alone.)

Tranquility Scalp Treatment

Fall into a state of complete relaxation with our pure essential aromatherapy scalp massage. A massage of the shoulders, neck and décolleté are included in this peaceful journey. Your head is wrapped in a hot towel to infuse the nutrients of the beneficial oils to your scalp and hair.

Wild Lime Blossom Scalp Treatment

This euphoric treatment uses massage techniques to relax tension bound muscles. Fresh citrus oil with nourishing avocado, macadamia and hazelnut oils replenishes the hair and invigorates the senses.
Restorative Hair and Scalp Treatment

Instantly hydrates and improves the condition of damaged, color-treated, environmental stress or processed hair without weighing it down. Fortifying and rebuilding, this nourishing treatment will leave hair extraordinarily shiny, silky and manageable.

Hanalei Day Spa, Haena HI

Shirodhara A deeply relaxing treatment involving a gentle stream (dhara) of warmed oil flowing directly onto the forehead (shiro). This treatment calms the mind, and is deeply conditioning to the hair.  Ancient Ayurveda texts say “one who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of the hair, nor does his hair fall..” Used historically for insomnia and depression.


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