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7stones spa Corvallis OR Closed

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Future of glitzy new eatery, spa uncertain
 Info conflicts on status of Strega, 7stones spa

One of the city’s glitziest new business ventures may be on the verge of collapse after less than a year of operation.

7stones, a luxury day spa that occupies three floors of the Elements Building at 517 S.W. Second St., has closed its doors. A note taped to the door calls the spa closure temporary.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience,” it reads. “Please check back with us for updates.”

Several readers contacted the newspaper about the situation, saying 7stones employees had called to cancel their spa appointments for last weekend.

Meanwhile, an e-mail addressed to “valued clients and friends” of 7stones and Strega, the restaurant and bar on the top two floors of the Elements Building, suggests that both operations are struggling.

“As you know, the current economic conditions have made sustaining businesses a financial challenge,” the e-mail reads in part. A few lines down, it adds: “We are faced with a difficult decision in whether or not to keep these businesses running.”

The e-mail goes on to ask for “written testimonials” to “guide us in our battle to continue the vision that was started here.” The note is signed “Staff and Management of 7stones & Strega.”

Strega’s doors still were open for business this week, and the restaurant’s event coordinator insisted everything there is fine.

“Strega is up and running, and we have no intention of closing. Our name should not be on that (e-mail),” Heidi Hill told the Gazette-Times on Tuesday. “I know people may be struggling, but we’re doing really well. Business is good.”

Phone messages left at 7stones and on the spa manager’s phone were not returned. Deanna Carr, who owns both businesses as well as the building, did not return several phone calls seeking comment this week.

The six-story Elements Building, which broke ground in 2005, was an ambitious project from the start, with numerous custom design features and a high-level environmental certification.

But some of those features — and a spike in the cost of construction materials — added to the price tag, and by time the project was completed last April, the initial budget of $4 million had soared to $20 million.

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