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Hands Hold the Key to your Health



As a child, my dad would joke with me that if he tied my hands together I would not be able to speak.  I always talked with my hands.  As I grew older, I realized that our hands and fingers do say a lot.  Our thumb is used to hitch hike (although I would never do that) and it points to the direction we want to go.  Our index finger points when we feel we are not being heard or we want to make a point.  Need l say what the middle finger indicates when people make that rude gesture.  Yes, the middle finger is anger and passion.  Our ring finger tells about relationships.  Lastly, our pinky when extended as we drink our tea demonstrates our security. 

The nails serve many important functions. They help us pick up and manipulate objects, and they protect and support the tissues of the fingers and toes. Nails can be very attractive. Women, more often than men, place a great deal of importance on how their nails look and spend a considerable amount of time and money on them. Nails reflect an individual's personal and health habits - good or bad. Aside from their cosmetic appeal, nails serve many important functions. Most importantly, nails often reflect our general state of health.

Nail disorders can affect our ability to pick up small objects, the way we walk, and our sense of touch. Infrequent in children, nail problems usually increase throughout life and affect a high number of the elderly. This is due to the susceptibility of the nail to fungal infections, its increased thickness with age, circulation problems, and the use of medications.

This week we will take a look at nail care, selecting a spa to get your nails done at, nail terminology, eco friendly nail spas and the use of all natural products. 



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