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I can’t … I’m on a Diet


Is your diet making you feel deprived?  Do you find yourself eating less and gaining more?  When you think of the word Diet, do you hear a four letter word? Where did you learn that a Diet was a negative thing?   When did you determine that a Diet meant to be deprived?  Shouldn’t a diet be a positive thing because it makes people look and feel better?  That can easily be answered by the words of wisdom I learned from Deepak Chopra.  All words are neither positive nor negative.  We apply a worth to them based on our experiences and prejudices.

When you think about it, isn’t everyone always on a diet?  After all, the word Diet comes from the Greek word “diaita” which means prescribed way of living.  Diet does not have to mean Restrictive or Deprived.  If you look at the Merriam Webster definition of Diet, you will find:

Diet (noun)

    Middle English diete, from Anglo-French, from Latin diaeta, from Greek diaita, literally, manner of living, from diaitasthai to lead one's life

1 a: food and drink regularly provided or consumed b: habitual nourishment c: the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason d: a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight <going on a diet>


Growing up, I was fortunate to have parents who allowed all of us (there were five children in our family) to develop what I would learn later to be good eating habits.  My parents always made sure that we ate breakfast every day before going on our way.  For dinner, we always had a balanced meal with a meat, a starch and two vegetables. 

My parents never forced us to eat everything on our plate.  In fact we would be the ones to fix our dinner plate as the food made its way around the large table.  If we wanted seconds we could go back for more (if there was anything left) and if we took too much and could not finish my mother in her Scottish brough would say “looks like your eyes were bigger than your belly, you might want to take less food next time.” 

Because we had a large family and not very much money, we did not have cakes, candy, soda or snacks in the house.  Being on a tight budget, we never ate out.  The first time I ate fast food, was when I was 15 and had Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips.  The only reason I ate there, was because I had started to work there. 

Food was a necessity for us.  You ate it because you needed to eat to live.  We didn’t live to eat.  Food was never used as a reward, as we didn’t have the money for the extras.  Food was a basic necessity of live not an experience. 

Best Diets

Of course, once I was working, I would spend money on the snacks, ice cream and cakes.  For me it was a desperate attempt to gain weight so the children and adults would stop making fun of me for being so thin.    This continued through to my adult life.  Even though I worked in the fast food industry, I never gained weight.  When I worked at Nutri/System, I would read the charts of the clients who gained weight to see what might help me to gain weight. 

The five years at Nutri/System, gave me a great deal of insight about weight management and health.  One of the most important things I learned at Nutri/System was that your weight is a symptom of a body that is out of balance.  Your body which produces the medicine and hormones you need to survive is not able to function properly.  Being overweight does not cause disease.  Dis-ease within one’s body and an inability for your body to function properly which causes you to be overweight.   
Now, like everyone else, I have my problem areas.  So this year I once again delved into the diet programs to see what’s new, what works and why some don’t work long term.

This week’s Spavelous “Now You Are In The Know” takes a look at the Top Diets and provides you with some insights so you can determine what diet-ary lifestyle you can live with.  Of Course, spas always have spa solutions so we also feature weight loss spas and body shaping treatments. 

In This Spavelous Magazine Issue:

Why Diets Fail ?

Top Five Diet Strategies

Which diet is right for you?

Top Diets

Key Nutrients for the Decades

"Spavelous Select" - Seventeen Slimming Spas

Spa Treatments Spotlight

The New Diet Definition


Diets That Work


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