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The Lo Down on Diets … which diet is right for you?


Now that you understand the pitfalls, which diet is right for you? We have all seen our friends on “Diets”; you may have even tried their diet to see if it would work for you.  You may have discovered that your results were different.  Each and every person has different needs, different food allergies, different hormonal issues and different activity levels.  What works for one may not work for another. 

During my five years at Nutri/System, I observed how Nutri/System worked for some and not for others.  At Nutri/System, we would recommend to husbands and wives that they start the program at different times because the man would inevitably lose his weight faster. His wife would get discouraged and sometimes stop the program prior to reaching her goal or the husband would accuse the wife of cheating on the program.  Of course, she wasn’t cheating; she just has a different metabolism. At any rate, this became very discouraging for the wives. 

This doesn’t only hold true for Nutri/System, it is true for any “diet.”  In looking at and reviewing diets, I can see how some will not work for everyone.  If you are allergic to foods that are on the program, it will not work for you.  If you are a social butterfly who has many meetings and events to go to, eating a prepackaged meal may not fit into your day. 

Choosing a diet can be frustrating. Especially when you feel like you've tried them all and have not yielded the results you've always hoped for. The fact of the matter is that no diet is made to order for everyone. You must assess the situation and figure out what you want from a diet, what you are willing to give, and how much time and money you have to invest.

diet that is right for you

Choosing a diet that includes foods you actually enjoy eating is something that you need to take seriously. If the plan is not conducive to your taste buds you will inevitably sneak those foods in and each plan is designed one way and usually one way only. There is not much room for play.

Here are some techniques that may help you choose a diet that is right for you. They are broken into sections of interest and you can choose to answer all of them or some of them to decipher if you are ready to diet, and which one may be the most beneficial.

First, consider your health. Is there a biological reason you should stray from certain foods? For example, if your family has a history of heart disease, a low-fat diet is possibly a better option than say, a high-protein, high-fat regimen.

Next, examine your personal preferences and food tastes. The diet you respond to best will be the most effective in helping you lose weight. So you can't count on what worked for your mother-in-law or best friend as a guide for you. Look to your own likes and dislikes. For example, if you're not a big meat-lover, a low-carb diet will be difficult to maintain. But, if you make smart decisions based on your own preferences, sticking to a diet will become second nature.


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What will you be comfortable with?

Take a look at your eating patterns, where do you eat? In fast food restaurants?
When do you eat? Late at night?
How often do you eat? Do you have many lunch dates for work? Do you socialize with friends by going out to dinner?
What kinds of foods do you prefer (sweets, carb, protein, veggies, meats)?
Are you willing to substitute food for shakes, or supplements?
Can you financially afford high cost diet plans, expensive foods and supplements, a gym membership?
What are the things that weaken you and cause you to fall victim to overeating?

Is your job such that it is hard to plan meals and bring prepared dishes with you- Do your cravings turn to headaches when you don't have the desired foods? Is your family on a diet with you or do you have to prepare meals for yourself separately when dieting? Consider these things and plan for them, working out fixes along the way. Diets the promise no inconvenient are a lie! Each diet plan requires some time and maintenance and will require a turn inform your normal way of life.

What are the things that you reward yourself for? What are the strong points of your personality when it comes to dieting and life in general? These things need to be used to your advantage. By emphasizing the things that you are good at, you may be able to lessen the stress and help get your body onto a healthier shape faster. Find things you are good at, is it jogging, walking, swimming, shopping for bargains, playing with your kids, cooking, working, etc, and reward yourself for excelling in those areas.

Don't forget the "eXercise" factor.

Do you like to exercise and are you willing to incorporate a plan of exercise into your daily routine?
Diets don't just involve cutting calories. Steady exercise is a critical component to any weight-loss plan. And the same rules apply to selecting an exercise regimen: Choose an activity you enjoy, and you'll be more likely to stick with it.

Which diet is best? Ultimately it depends on your goals and lifestyle. The best diet is one you can stick to that makes you feel satisfied and healthy. If you lose weight with it, consider that a bonus. As with anything, you want to make sure you are eating a variety of foods that will supply you with the vitamins and essential nutrients your body needs to work optimally. If you can't imagine life without whole grains, the Atkins diet is probably not for you. But you may do well on one of the other plans!

Remember that prior to starting any diet program you should check with your doctor about any medical restrictions you have and have all hormone levels and cholesterol and blood pressure checked to see if there is any other factors that you may need to consider.

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