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alli™ Diet Pill

With a very slick and impressive introduction to the marketplace, GlaxoSmithKline presents to us the alli™ Diet Pill. It has been hard to miss the colorful logo, the introductory reading material, the bright ads and the huge floors displays to let the public know that there is yet one more addition to the diet arena. The name itself implies that the dieter has a new friend, an ally in the weight-loss battle. Moreover, the drug company’s foray into the diet marketplace with alli™ is heralded by the fact that this product is “FDA approved,” a statement proudly displayed in bold lettering. So, is alli™ really anything new and interesting, or is it a retread of the old Xenical diet pill? Are the nasty side-effects of this product, which include gas, incontinence and oily spotting something the public is going to overcome and ultimately embrace?

Alli isn’t a magic weight loss pill, and its makers don’t claim that it is. They are adamant that daily exercise, a reduced-calorie diet, and a specific diet plan that limits the amount of fat you eat accompany the use of Alli. If you overeat on carbohydrates, protein and/or fat, you will not lose weight by taking Alli.  You can make the most out of this program with the book The Alli Diet Plan or The Alli Diet Plan Cookbook.


Not for Everyone.

Alli is for people over the age of 18 who are overweight. It is not for people at a healthy weight, or those trying to lose the last five or 10 pounds


Diet Keys


As mentioned, alli™ uses Xenical, a prescription drug formerly used to assist the morbidly obese. The active ingredient in Xenical is Orlistat, whose primary function is to prevent the absorption of ingested fats and thereby reduce caloric intake. By inhibiting an enzyme in the Pancreas responsible for breaking down triglycerides in the intestines, Orlistat helps prevent fats from being absorbed. These are then excreted undigested. The drug company states that this product will help block approximately 25% of all fat in the diet. Most of the fats we ingest are eliminated through our waste in the normal fashion, but the way this product functions causes some really unpleasant side-effects like gas, incontinence, and oily spotting. If you never have to leave your home, or be in the presence of others, this may be the product for you. Besides being embarrassing and just generally uncomfortable, the side-effects of this product are certainly inconvenient and intrusive, and have already made some customers re-evaluate its use.

By using Xenical at half strength, the drug company and the FDA have now made this product available to the public at large which has created some serious controversy. With all its hype there are those dieters who, because they are seeking a quick fix, will jump all over this product without evaluating the side-effects and then suffer the consequences. Present in the controversy also are those voices who feel that this product should have remained a “by prescription only” product, so its use can be monitored and evaluated by a physician.

Finally, it should be mentioned that fats in the diet are only one cause of obesity and this product will not address problems with excessive simple carbohydrate consumption, portion control, or sedentary lifestyle.

Although the marketing approach to consumers has been to pre-empt behavioral issues and try to get the dieter to buy-in to behavior modification such as eating fewer fats, getting more exercise, and consuming smaller portions - all traditional needs for a healthy plan, statistically those seeking weight loss are looking for the magic pill.


The alli™ product has blanketed drugstores, discount/warehouse stores and grocery stores in the company’s attempt to get it out to the public. At the time of this review, research shows it available for $49.95, which includes a 30 day supply, a pill holder, and an introductory diet plan.


  • Good information provided on the website
  • You could lose more weight on the Alli program than from diet and exercise alone. But the amount of additional weight is small. Alli’s manufacturer is up front and honest about the potential side effects, which means that they won’t come on as a surprise to users.


  • Approaches weight-loss from just one perspective
  • Annoying and troubling side-effects.  These so-called “treatment effects” are embarrassing and negatively affect one’s quality of life. Alli users experience loose stools, more frequent stools that are hard to control, an urgent need to use the bathroom, and increased gas with oily discharge. In other words, because the fat you are blocking has to go somewhere, you could experience uncontrollable diarrhea and they recommend that you wear dark pants and carry a change of clothing..just in case!
  • FDA approval will cause acceptance prematurely
  • No appetite suppressant or Fat-burner
  • This product mostly addresses Fats that are being consumed the pill does not help you to lose the fat that is stored in your body.
  • Alli is marketed for short-term use only, and follow-up suggests that people start to regain weight once they stop taking it.
  • Alli does interfere with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. It’s important to take a vitamin/mineral supplement while taking Alli, but that is no guarantee that your body will still get and absorb all the nutrients that it needs—especially those that need fat to be absorbed.
  • Alli doesn’t care whether the fat you ate was from a Big Mac or a healthy serving of salmon. Even though all types of fat aren’t bad for you, Alli will take both good and bad fats out of the body.  Healthy fats are important for your overall health, and blocking them can have negative effects.


Diet Summary

It is our hope that consumers will approach this product with care and not get carried away by the FDA approval or the fact that this product comes from a drug company. Historically speaking, these two factors should not carry that much weight since many troubling products have been released to the public from these two sources. Essentially this is a fat blocker – nothing more, and it comes with all the troubling side effects that this kind of product generates. Additionally, fats are only one cause of weight gain, and this product will do nothing to overcome a sedentary lifestyle, excess carb consumption, or behavioral issues.

Weight-loss is hard work, and though we keep looking for the magic pill – there is no product that will do all the work for us. And, there is no need to have to suffer the embarrassing side-effects associated with this product. We advocate what we have always promoted: find an exercise plan that works for you and that you enjoy; find a healthy eating plan that you can live with day in and day out; and try a natural supplement that incorporates the necessary two-pronged approach to success – which includes an ingredient for fat-burning, and an ingredient to promote appetite suppression.

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