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Jenny Craig


If there’s one name that pops into the minds of millions at the mention of weight-loss, Jenny Craig just might be it. Since the mid-80’s, the Jenny Craig program has been claiming to assist dieters from Australia to the U.S., to New Zealand and Puerto Rico. The Jenny Craig method is a three part approach addressing the issues of food, body, and mind. Here we will overview the program briefly and discuss its effectiveness as a weight-loss solution.


Diet Keys

The three part approach is appropriated by members who pay different levels of subscription for varying degrees of support. Jenny Craig seeks to help the dieter eat food in healthy portions, incorporate daily exercise into his or her life, and have a balanced, healthy view of oneself in order to persevere in the pursuit of wellness. In order to see results in these three areas, Jenny Craig provides pre-packaged meals, counseling and support from Jenny Craig staff, and written and audiovisual materials in a comprehensive effort to help dieters see results. People within traveling distance from a Jenny Craig Center can receive in-person support from staff while Jenny Direct members can receive live support via phone and/or internet. While some have reviewed the Jenny Craig with high praise, others have criticized the program for having under-qualified counselors, promoting atypical results, and making it difficult for dieters to maintain the portion control once they have been weaned off the pre-packaged meals.



Jenny Craig offers three levels of membership ranging from under-20 lb. specials for approximately $20 (plus the cost of meals) to extensive weight-loss plans complete with all of the resources and tools for upwards of $325. Weekly foods are additional.

Jenny Craig Diet


  • Jenny Craig seeks to help dieters address two of the most important issues of weight-loss: food and exercise
  • Claims to provide extensive personal support to the dieter
  • Does not set inflexible, high standards for dieters
  • Frozen meals are convenient.
  • Balanced and nutritious meals.
  • Weekly consultations provide ongoing support.



  • May prove cost-prohibitive for some.  Commitment to the packaged foods is expensive.
  • Effectiveness of support may vary from counselor to counselor depending on training and experience
  • Meal plans difficult to wean off from
  • You need to learn how to eat in real life without proportioned meals
  • If you have a family you will be preparing your food and other foods for the family


Diet Summary

This program is very much like Nutri/System, after all Jenny was a Nutri/System Franchisee at one time.  If the Jenny Craig program was completely ineffective and helped no one, it would hardly have stayed in business as long as it has. Its focus on health eating and portion control, regular exercise, and a positive outlook are surely valuable to dieters. However, the need to learn how to control portions and make healthy eating choices apart from pre-packaged meals may be a hurdle that renders worthless the money and efforts afforded for the program. Also, without a dietary aid that increases metabolism and provides real help for curbing the appetite, Jenny Craig may come up short for some, especially with regard to keeping weight off. Overall, however, we give this program a thumbs up and acknowledgement of their success with so many dieters.

If you are seeking to take control of your weight loss you should consider finding a healthy eating plan that you like and can live with long term – be it Jenny Craig or another diet program. Daily exercise is extremely important, so find something you enjoy and can be consistent with. Water is also very important and dieters need a lot of it to stay hydrated and to keep their bodies free of toxins. Finally, try the addition of a supplement specifically designed to help with weight loss. Keep in mind, however, that the product you choose should include the two key elements in all effective diet products: a fat-burner to rid the body of excess weight on the arms, hips, belly, thighs and buttocks, and an appetite suppressant to help manage the intake of calories and curb cravings. Many good intentions are ruined by cravings that take us over and undermine our dieting efforts. If you combine all these elements, along with patience and diligence, you will see the pounds come off.

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