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Years ago, when I worked for NutriSystem, you could find a NutriSystem center in most communities. Today, the NutriSystem program is strictly available by picking up your telephone or logging on to your computer.

NutriSystem is a company that offers a weight loss program delivered right to customers’ doorsteps. Currently the diet of Marie Osmond, who lost 40 pounds on it and Dan Marino who lost 22 pounds.  NutriSystem now stands as a constant pillar of support and information for those looking to lose weight in a busy world. As an Internet force, its wide-ranging web content, combined with its knowledgeable and well-trained counselors, equals a powerful resource for all dieting consumers. And it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no waiting for weekly meetings or worry about expensive membership fees.

 The NutriSystem® Advanced™ program includes low Glycemic Index carbohydrates and the right amounts of protein and fiber, yet it is still low in fat. Plus, NutriSystem Advanced now has omega-3s and soluble fiber to help promote heart health and help you feel full longer! Each food item fits into a low-glycemic meal plan that's very easy to follow. You just grab an entrée, add-in a few grocery items (like fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and dairy items), and you're ready to go. Plus! You get to eat five times a day to help reduce those cravings between meals!


The NutriSystem website contains a very thorough description of how they use the Glycemic Index to create meals that will help customers to lose weight. It is possible to view all the meal options, from a picture of each to its complete nutritional value. There are multiple success stories available, from both men and women. There are multiple online services offered to customers free of charge, from unlimited counseling and support, online classes, an online newsletter, a bulletin board and chat rooms, and online weight loss and fitness diaries. The company can be contacted through multiple email addresses, a toll-free phone number, and local phone and fax numbers.


Diet Keys

There are 6 plans to choose from when purchasing NutriSystem. Each plan allows you to either custom select your meals and desserts, or have the meal plans designed for you.

  • Woman’s Program: By choosing from more than 120 prepackaged meals, this program serves the under 60 year old female crowd. You get to eat 5 times per day, including a dessert each day.
  • Women Over 60 Program: As the name implies, this plan is geared for women over 60 years of age. While the standard program is the same, daily calories are less due to the lowered caloric requirement as women (and men) age. This plan is marketed as providing low sodium, low cholesterol, and low saturated fat food choices, with an appropriate dose of heart healthy unsaturated fats. It also offers a free one month supply of specialty vitamins that include the major anti-aging compounds. These include lutein (for strong eyes), ginkgo biloba (suggested to help with memory and mental sharpness), vitamins A, C, B6, B12, and the minerals calcium and zinc.
  • Men’s Program: Food choices are similar, if not identical, to the Women’s Program. However, Dan Marino himself claims that the meals offered on this NutriSystem program contain real food in big portions.
  • Men Over 60 Program: Nearly identical to Women Over 60 Program with the inclusion of the same vitamin supplement and healthy meals.
  • Type II Diabetic Program: Because NutriSystem addresses glycemic load and its response on insulin levels, it easily offers a diabetic plan for diabetics needing to lose weight. Claimed to be approved by a dietitian, meals are consciously prepared with complex carbohydrates in mind. There are 70 or more meal items from which to choose.
  • Vegetarian Program: Claimed to be the only plan that offers prepackaged vegetarian diet meals, NutriSystem offers more than 60 food items that are vegetarian-friendly.



The standard NutriSystem Plan consists of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks for twenty-eight days. The cost of this plan is $326.36, plus $16.00 in shipping and handling. Currently, there is an offer that allows first time customers to receive two-week of free food, bringing the total order to six weeks worth of food. If customers elect to sign up for the Auto-Delivery program, they can save 10%, bringing the total to $293.72. Not only is shipping free with the Auto-Delivery program, but after three deliveries, the discount increases to 15%. There is a 30-day money back guarantee available for any product that can be shipped back to the company. Bill Me Later is a way to finance payment. Customer support services are free.



  • There are a nice variety of meal options, including many pastas and chocolate items.
  • There are new items added to the menu choices fairly frequently.
  • All of the daily meal plans contain less than the daily recommended amounts of sodium.


  • A month’s supply of nutritious food is a substantial thing to purchase and this is reflected in the price, which doesn’t include all the fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy that must still be purchased.  It may seem costly if you also have a family to feed. 
  • There is no information available online about how much extra food must be purchased fresh each month.
  • When I worked for them, we had recipes to add flavor and fun to the foods so you would not get bored.  I did not find any recipes on the website.


Diet Summary

This is a program which offers customers the convenience of doorstep delivery with the nutrition of meals which are based on a low Glycemic Index. There are a large variety of meals to choose from, but how filling and/or tasty they are remains to be seen, since the paid testimony of others is not the most reliable indicator. However, the plan is based on sound principles and it does offer free support to help clients stay on track and reach their diet goals.

Back in the late 80’s, NutriSystem had exercise videos.  From what I see they have been removed from the program. Be sure and incorporate exercise into whatever eating plan you choose.

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