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The 7 Principles of Fat Burning


Endocrinology is the study of glands and glandular hormonal functions of the body. Hormones are the messengers of the body, sending important signals to organs in order to regulate things like growth, response mechanisms, metabolism and more. The body’s production and use of these messengers is the topic of chiropractor Eric Berg in his book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning Here we will take a closer look at Dr. Berg’s claims and how they might positively affect the approaches of the average dieter.

Dr. Berg’s  7 Principles of Fat Burning. can be watched on a fairly long video explaining Berg’s views on body types and such. There is a bio on Dr. Berg as well as some user testimonials for his program. We could not find any satisfaction guarantees. 

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning: Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep It Off! basically profiles people by their weight issues, mood, and other habit patterns and categorizes people into “four body types.” Dr. Berg claims that these four body types are related to four basic glandular profiles. His book aims to deal with coping with these “bents” in biochemical habits. Berg apparently provides advice “easy-to-understand health and nutrition information and simple tests to determine your correct body type.” The idea is that each body type needs certain foods in order to activate the fat-burning potential.



Just the cost of the book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning: Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

  7 Principles of Fat Burning


  • Healthy eating encouraged
  • Nutrition guidance offered
  • User testimonials listed
  • Aims for overall wellness
  • The theory that he offers makes sense based on reading the body and where we store fat.


  • Theories upon which the book is based are not necessarily “mainstream”


Diet Summary

Burning fat is something that any dieter wants to do. Finding a way to effectively do so is the challenge. There’s no question that the thyroid and other glands affect our metabolic rates and how fast we can metabolize foods. Whether Dr. Eric Berg’s methods to regulating these and other biochemical processes are not going to be ultimately credited or discredited here. We can say for sure that any program which encourages and provides concrete steps toward healthy eating is a worthwhile read. Dieters must also remember that without regular exercise, there is no real fat burning. Lastly, dieters should consult their physician about finding a dietary supplement proven to safely give people an edge in metabolism increase and appetite suppression. Lastly, dieters must drink large amounts of water in order to stay hydrated and free from toxins. No matter which plan a person implements, the fuel for safe and effective weight loss will always be hard work.

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