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California Dreaming


California in the west coast is one state that has amazing beaches to boast of which is probably why California Beaches are one of the most popular vacations in the USA.  It is no mystery why its beaches and cities hold great allure. 


Southern California Beach

Southern California, with over a hundred miles of sun-drenched white sand beaches, is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest beach areas.

In addition to its incredible coast, Southern California is home to a vast array of enchanting playgrounds. Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knottsberry Farm, Universal Studios, Sea World, Wild Rivers, and a host of world class museums, restaurants and hotels.

The coastal region offers diving, yachting, surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing, hiking, cycling, as well as numerous extreme adventures for the athletically inclined. There are plenty of marinas for sailing, yachting, and other recreational boating activities.

Laguna Beach is one of the most unique and awesome beaches in Southern California with 30 public beaches and coves along its coastline that stretch for over six miles. It is home to California’s oldest art museum and the well-known Laguna Playhouse.

Exploring Southern California Beaches

Who could not remember the famous Malibu Beach? This 27-mile long beach on the Pacific coast of California, west of Los Angeles and north of Santa Monica is now the home of celebrities. Thanks to some TV series and movie scenes, Malibu Beach truly made a name for itself as a popular beach destination. Apart from surfing, visitors can also go swimming, strolling, bird and whale watching as well as salt water fishing. Malibu was originally named “Humaliwo” meaning “the surf that sounds loudly” courtesy of California’s first inhabitants, the Native American Chumash Indians.

Long Beach has the Queen Mary, Little Naples with its gondolas, and many boating opportunities in Queens Bay and Alamitos Bay. You can catch a ferry to Catalina Island from here as well. Once there you can do some skin diving or view the undersea life on a glass bottom boat tour. Then there’s Huntington Beach, or “Surf City” as it’s otherwise known. A great place to take the family, and especially a family of surfers!

Newport Beach is a haven for boating enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. For those wanting to find a vacation rental, Newport Beach has a whole peninsula full of charming beach cottages. A short ferry ride away, Balboa Island does too. Waterfront homes range from grandiose to simply sweet. Nearby Corona del Mar is a delightful small community with blufftop homes in a neighborhood above the beach.

For an unparalleled beach vacation, Southern California is, perhaps, the ultimate world destination.


Central California  

Central California, also known as "the Middle Kingdom" offers an astonishing richness of coastline. With its austere cypress trees, fog shrouded cliffs and thunderous surf, it is a premiere destination for beach lovers. The area is rich in attractions that include the Hearst Castle, the Monterey aquarium, the Boardwalk Amusement Park in Santa Cruz, and world-class golf.

The Big Sur coast is both majestic and mysterious, with steep cliffs cascading down to foamy, jade waters broken by jagged rock spires. Deep forests, acres of wildflowers, meadows and grottos that slip in and out of view as the thick Pacific fog swirls through.

Pismo Beach, bordered by stands of tall eucalyptus trees which are home to vast hordes of migrating monarch butterflies, is also the most extensive coastal dunes area remaining in California.

Whales, sea otters, seals, sea lions, thrive in the kelp rich waters along this coast. Kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, surfing, are among the popular activities that are prominent in the ocean world of the "Middle Kingdom".

California's Central Coast: The Ultimate Winery Guide: From Santa Barbara to Paso Robles


Northern California coast is a scenic wonderland with old growth coast redwoods which are some of the world's tallest trees.

It is also a rugged coast, with stretches of steep, rocky cliffs and rolling slopes - largely untouched by humans. Because it is so rocky, its tidal zone can be difficult to hike (with exceptions such as Gold Bluffs Beach, a 7-mile stretch of dunes and sandy beach).

It is home to a rich variety of life forms that occupy specific habitats. Brown pelicans. cormorants, puffins, auklets, gulls, murres, and pigeon guillimots flock throughout the area. California gray whales in migration, seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, and orca (killer whales) are often off this coast.

The broken coast's tidepools are home to a diverse mix of kelp, seaweed, barnacles, limpets, mussels, star fish, nudibranchs, sea snails, urchins, anemones, tiny fish, crabs and a myriad of other life formes.

Northern California Beach

Experience the California Coast: A Guide to Beaches and Parks in Northern California (Experience the California Coast)

Several lagoons -- where freshwater and saltwater mix -- lie in the area and are abundant with other plant and animal life forms.

Fog is common in the area - particularly during the summer when it brings a welcome respite from the hot dry days.


California Beach Information



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