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Florida Sunshine


Florida holds the record as the state with the most number of beaches.


Northwest Florida: Nicknamed The Panhandle, this area isn't looking for a handout - it's got plenty to give. Naturalists will love the unspoiled beaches and wildlife reserves while spring breakers make their own wildlife.  The Panhandle, Florida's Northwest region embraces some of the most stunning sugar-white shores in the world. Extending from Pensacola all the way to Panama City Beach, this area includes popular tourist destinations such as Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Seaside.


North Central Florida: Southern charm has rubbed off from nearby Mississippi. With hospitality as warm as the weather, and unparalleled beaches, you'll want to come back again and again.


Northeast Florida: Hosting the oldest European settlement on the continent and unspoiled beaches, this region is a mix of historical treasures and natural wonders.  The Northeast has always attracted attention. Almost 450 year ago, Ponce de Leon came looking for The Fountain of Youth, closely followed by the English and French seeking wealth and new territory to conquer. Today, modern explorers can investigate more than 40 miles of coastline. While Ponce de Leon didn't find the formula for eternal youth, this section of Florida remains as beautiful as ever.  Although accommodations include five-star resorts that offer everything from fine dining to luxury spa treatments, if you're a nature lover you can rough it to your heart's content. You can even fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping on the shore while camping under the stars on Amelia Island.


Central West Florida: While Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach offer plenty of man-made attractions, nature holds her own here with mangrove forests, wildlife reserves and barrier islands.


Central East Florida: With Daytona Beach, "The Birthplace of Speed", and Cape Canaveral on its shores, this fast-paced region offers thrills for vacationers of all ages. Despite its high-flying reputation, prices can meet a modest budget.  Daytona Beach is also one of the world’s most popular beaches. Vacationers there can do a wide variety of activities like fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving and surfing. Traffic is allowed on a big part of the beach for a small fee.  Central East Florida provides visitors with some of the best surfing, snorkeling, fishing and swimming in the state.

Florida Beaches

Southwest Florida: If luxury is on your list, consider heading south. A mix of island resorts and natural beauty make this a romantic destination with pampering as top priority. No wonder so many couples choose to tie the knot here.  Southwest Florida offers the unabashed pampering destinations like Naples, Marco Island and Fort Myers Beach provide. Florida's Southwest mixes island resort paradise with unspoiled natural wonders. Mix in some family-friendly attractions and you can see why the Southwest is one of Florida's top-ranking destination areas.


 Southeast Florida: Don't let Miami's ultra-chic South Beach mislead you - this area hosts some of the friendliest beaches in the state. Sophisticated cities are counterbalanced by the untamed Everglades and natural wonders of the Lower Florida Keys.  Miami Beach is one of the Florida’s popular seascape destinations.

With its 300-foot wide shoreline and more than six miles of beaches, Miami Beach is best for swimming, surfing, fishing, biking, trail walking, boating, yachting, golf and tennis. Latino singers Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan are among the famous celebrities who own restaurants in this area. A famous landmark there along the Ocean Drive is the Art Deco Historic District that has 800 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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