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Clean Beach Council


The U.S. prides itself in having numerous and varied natural wonders from scenic mountains, national parks to long stretches of beach. Although not a tropical country, it has countless beaches that are popular among vacationers. 

The United States coast, where the land and rivers meet the sea and great waters, is a special, valuable and complex place. Coastal recreation, maritime commerce, and jobs such as fishing make the coast a vital part of the American way of life. While progress has been made in recent years to protect this great national resource, the safety, health, and environmental conditions of many areas continues to deteriorate. Clean Beaches Council was established to seek solutions to these problems. 

Clean Beach Council

The Clean Beach Council releases an annual list of beaches which have been officially certified as clean, healthy and environmentally well managed. The 2008 list has not been published yet, but you should check out the list and the quality of the beach in the area you are visiting before you go in the water.

Seven Things you can do to Keep Beaches Clean and Healthy

   1. Leave no trace  (If you carry it in, carry it out) 

   2. Use public restrooms  (Help keep beach water clean) 

   3. Don’t tread the dunes  (Prevent beach erosion / use walkovers) 

   4. Keep kids clean  (Wash off thoroughly after visiting the beach) 

   5. Respect native habitats  (Wildlife and plants) 

   6. Mind your pet  (Help keep the beach sanitary) 

   7. Get involved!



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