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The Baker House 1650

181 Main Street
East Hampton, New York 11937
(631) 324-4081


Resort Spa

The magnificently refurbished Baker House 1650 (formerly the J. Harper Poor Cottage) in East Hampton has been recognized as one of the finest luxury inns in the United States. It was named “Inn of the Month” by Travel and Leisure magazine, and Town and Country said the cottage “offers the kind of plush accommodations that you’d expect to find in an area famous for its residential real estate”. Time Out New York said “the most distinctive B&B on the East End is so mind-bogglingly gorgeous that it’s hard to believe anyone is actually allowed to sleep here.”


The Baker Spa

Spa Resort

The spa was completed in the fall of 2000. It features a lap pool, a sauna, a steam shower, a spa tub and a changing room and although it is modern in every aspect, builder/designer David Tosher and design consultant Gary Jay Paul have created a room that seems to always have been there.

To create the spa, a central stairway was duplicated and extended down into a 20-by-40-foot room. After excavation revealed detailed brick foundation work, the walls were found to be precisely level, perfectly plumb and only ¼-inch out of square, despite having rested their footings on glacial moraine for 110 years, a fitting structural detail in a room designed for restoring balance and health. To make room for the lap pool, pink granite boulders deposited by the glacier were hauled out by hand. The floor was finished with varied-colored Chinese limestone. Massive brick arches supporting the south chimney were enclosed in glass for showers.

The opportunity for guests to reserve the spa privately for exercise, massage, facials, and purification, provides unparalleled luxury for an inn of this size.


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