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Aromatherapy For Skin Care

Aromatherapy For Skin Care

Commom Skin Problems and Solutions

Blackheads (Comedones)

Blackheads are blocked oil glands (sebaceous) with an accumulation of dead cells and hardened excess oil that blocks the hair follicle. To alleviate this condition, scrupulous cleaning, exfoliating and regular treatments are necessary. Removal may be required, but only under the most sanitary conditions and by a professional. Removal of blackheads at home is not recommended, as permanent scarring is likely to occur.

Honey mixed into a clay mask is smoothing and nurturing and is a gentle way to draw out impurities. A mild exfoliation, massaged in circular motion, made up of almond meal, honey, yogurt, with a few drops of lavender and tea tree essential oil, after cleansing, will gently cleanse the skin and help to soften and dislodge blocked pores.

Bruises (contusions)

Bruises are the result of tissue damage and bleeding beneath the skin caused by severe pressure or direct force. Immediately apply ice to reduce swelling and minimize bruising by slowing the blood flow and activating coagulation. To alleviate pain after initial icing, add a blend of rosemary, geranium and lavender to an icy cold compress. As the bruise is healing, use this blend of oils (in an arnica tincture or cream) to massage the area and dissipate the bruise by stimulating circulation and fresh blood flow to the area. I find that this works well on sprained ankles and black and blues.


Couperose is the visible redness under the skin caused by tiny dilated or broken capillaries on the nose, chin and cheeks. The redness may be easily aggravated by harsh chemical products, massage, climate, sun, wind, change in temperatures (heat to cold or cold to hot), smoking, alcohol, hot and spicy foods. To alleviate this condition, you circulation needs to be balanced. Juniper will assist in regulating circulation.

Weak blood vessels may also need to be strengthened, as broken capillaries are easily inflamed. Try a blend of neroli, Roman chamomile, and rose in a base oil of Vitamin E. Apply this under a mask, or add it into your moisturizer. Oils such as chamomile and rose contain vasoconstriction properties to assist the narrowing and contraction of small blood vessels and decreasing blood flow in that area.

To prevent this, avoid known irritants; increase vitamin C and eat foods that are easy to digest, as well as making sure that you protect your skin from extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores are due to the natural ageing process and / or oily skin that has been over dried, forcing dead skin cells to harden in the pores and stretch them.

If enlarged pores are due to blackheads stretching the entrance of the pore. First see your aesthetician or dermatologist and have the blackheads removed. To assist in the contraction of the pores, blend sage or thyme in a base of jojoba oil. Use as a compress or mix in with your moisturizer and apply to affected areas. Jojoba is easily absorbed into the skin and balances oil levels


Pigmentation yellow, brown, red, pink, white or dark red/purple discoloration of the skin may be caused by hormones, pregnancy, the pill, or sun damage. Although age spots occur naturally in maturing skin, long-term treatment with lemon oil will provide visible improvement when applied topically, as it works to gradually lighten age spots. This blend may also lightly bleach pigmentation and freckles. You should have all moles checked regularly by your doctor, and any changes in freckle color or size should be monitored.


Pimples appear as inflamed, hardened lumps (papule), which may later develop pus (pustule). If left alone and not extracted then the healing process should dissipate the pimple, without any damage or scarring. In more serious cases, the pimple may rupture and damage the dermal layer of the skin, or spread infection creating further problems.

Tea tree or lavender oil are the best essential oils to use unless sensitivity is known or the skin is broken. Dip a cotton tip into either one or a mixture and apply directly to affected area. It is preferable to use a cotton tip, to minimize spreading bacteria from fingertips by touching acne / pimples. Be aware not to keep touching the area, as sweat, dirt and bacteria transfers from your fingers, and will discourage the healing process.

Once your face and hands are thoroughly clean, gently, but firmly massage the spot in a circular motion for about 20 minutes. This will help to stimulate the elimination of any infection into the bloodstream. Finish with a dab of tea tree or lavender oil on the spot, and most small, newly formed pimples clear up with this treatment.
Next, hold a piece of ice (wrapped in gauze) on the blemish for as long as you can – repeat a few times. If any stinging occurs discontinue. The ice helps to constrict the small blood vessels, as the blood drains from the spot it removes infection. If prone to broken capillaries do not apply ice to your face.

Rough Skin

Rough Skin is the buildup of dead skin cells, exfoliating treatments combined with massage will remove excess rough skin.

For Face: apply a blend of lavender, geranium + sandalwood, in wheat germ oil, morning and evening, until skin texture becomes smooth and pliable.

For Body: bathe in a blend of rosewood, geranium + neroli, or massage into dry patches in a base of avocado oil (smoothes scaly, dry skin) and aloe vera (regenerative properties, prevents premature ageing).

For Hands (and nails): rub olive oil into cuticles; add lavender, rose and geranium to a moisturizing cream, and neglected hands will benefit from this kind treatment after washing, using harsh chemicals or whenever they feel dry.


To combat premature aging, add frankincense and helichrysum to your moisturizer (about 2 drops to 1 oz). Helichrysum has been studied in Europe by researchers for regeneration of tissue and increasing blood flow.

When using natural skincare to improve skin tone and texture and specific conditions, remember to drink your daily dose of water to flush out any toxins and maintain skin hydration from the inside; raw fruit and vegetables which are remarkably good for skin. When you nurture your mind, body and spirit to generate health and well-being that will naturally reflect on your skins surface as a smooth, even-toned complexion.