Benefits of Dead Sea Mud


Why is it called the Dead Sea?

It’s called the Dead Sea because nothing lives in it. There is no seaweed or moss that collects on the bottom or any fish or creatures living in or near the water. As a matter of fact, what you’ll see on the shores of the Dead Sea is white crystals of salt covering EVERYTHING.

Dead SeaThe salts found in the Dead Sea are mineral salts, just like any other ocean except these salts are extremely concentrated. The water in the Dead Sea is so concentrated that it is considered deadly to all living things EXCEPT humans. We can swim in the Dead Sea just like any other body of water except people don’t really “swim”, we float! Because the Dead Sea is extremely concentrated with dissolved mineral salts, the water density is much greater then any other salt water including the ocean. So instead of swimming in the Dead Sea, you just float on top of the water like a cork.