Benefits of Dead Sea Mud


Pelotherapy – Magnificent Mud 

Pelotherapy, is the therapeutic use of mud, peat moss or clay. This week we will focus on the Dead Sea. In the coming weeks we will feature other clay treatments. The main healing property of mud is humic acid, which comes from concentration of organic matter. After the Ice Age the earth experienced a compression of plant and animal life resulting in transformation of various rocks and hence, mud. The parts of the earth, which suffered the most erosion, have higher deposits of humic acid. One of these areas is the Dead Sea, which has the largest concentration of humic acid, chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromine and various other minerals. 

Since the Dead Sea Mud, has a high concentration of minerals together with an ability to hold heat, the mud can be used for certain healing benefits. Smearing the Dead Sea Mud onto the body provides cleansing and detoxing of the skin which has proved beneficial for skin, muscle pain and arthritic or rheumatic conditions. However you use it, your skin will feel beautiful and smooth after exposure to Dead Sea solutes, and the beneficial effects can be quite lasting.