Benefits of Dead Sea Mud


Rivage Beautifying & Healing Properties 

Rivage experts have harvested the beneficial elements of the Dead Sea waters and mud to deliver a full range of products. In addition to providing the finest beautifying properties, Rivage products contain active ingredients that help to relieve and soothe the symptoms of skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. 

Rivage ProductRivage Spa Locations:

  • Blooming Beauty, Plano, TX
  • Diamond Beauty, Studio City, CA
  • Serenity Salon & Spa, Plano, TX
  • Fountainebleau Hilton, Miami, FL
  • Turnberry Isle Resort, Miami, FL
  • Renaissance Vinoy, St Petersburg, FL
  • Belleview Biltmore Resort, Clearwater, FL

Spavelous Recommended Products:

  • Rivage Black Mud Soap (100 gm)
  • Rivage Creamud Facial Mask
  • Rivage Mud Mask (120 ml) 

The Healing Power of the Dead Sea

  • Modern medical researches confirm that positive combination of the minerals and salts from the Dead Sea has healing properties for different diseases
  • Many skin allergies may be helped by using Dead Sea minerals. Among the medical problems found to be alleviated by these minerals are psoriasis, eczema, and purulent rashes. In addition to alleviation of such allergies, such affected skin often also shows improvement in outer appearance and elasticity after treatment with Dead Sea minerals
  • Better blood circulation, metabolism and a more relaxed nervous system are all supported by Dead Sea minerals
  • Mud from the Dead Sea contains minerals that heal wounds, wake up hair roots and eradicate dermatitis and dandruff
  • The mud has even been credited with eliminating headaches and migraines
  • Amazingly, these minerals have healing and comforting values for a host of medical conditions, including arthritis, bone and cartilage inflammation, myelitis, neuritis, rheumatism, stress, fatigue and sleeplessness