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Wander across star-spangled spaces, where Pony Express Riders outran scouting parties and covered wagons carved ruts deep across the prairie. Frontier museums display unparalleled pioneer treasures, and historical reenactments give them new life. Diaries of pioneer daughters document their grueling pursuit of the American dream. Wyoming is the place of legend and intrigue. Where travelers hear of a 40-foot-long lake monster. Where the heads of warriors mounted on stakes warned intruders away from a mother who killed the four Indians with an ax after they murdered her family. Where frontier townsfolk once relocated their entire town by sliding it across a frozen river.

Wyoming is the place where western hospitality warms every adventure — to America’s oldest and finest national parks, to her most photographed peaks and valleys, to her wonderful winter playgrounds. It’s where traffic jams start photo frenzies as buffalo herds claim a right of way. It’s where sports fans find real surprises — Hunting and fishing challenges fit for Kings and queens…A polo field taking a pounding since Calvary days…Golf courses featuring cliffside tee-offs and wildlife hazards…Skijoring and mushing …Bed races and rodeo flips. Wyoming is the place of great taste. It’s where beautiful mountain towns serve up distinctive art galleries and a range of cuisine as diverse as its landscapes. From the back of chuck wagons to the front lines of haute cuisine, the states culinary riches are an unexpected windfall! Wyoming is the place where families find fun for all seasons and travelers take memories that transcend time.