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Bachelor Gulch Spa

Day spas bring pampering to clients’ neighborhoods

  Twenty years ago, someone who mentioned going to a spa conjured up images of ritzy, high-priced places like Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires or...
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Superstar beauty secrets

Jennifer Hudson Anne Hathaway Julia Stiles JENNIFER HUDSON'S SEXY NAILS Soften Rub cuticle oil into nail beds and massage hand cream all over. Swipe nails with a cotton ball...
Scottsdale Spa

The Great Hotel Cover-Up

  After years of pushing spa mania, hotels are trying to prevent terry-cloth clad guests from wandering into lobbies, bars and weddings. Hannah Karp on...
Luxury Spa for Less

Detox Spa: Losing weight is a side effect

  “Spa ‘detox’ programs rejuvenate your body and mind,” which notes that “detox programs” are on of the Top 10 Spa trends of this year. Deal...
spa for less

Perk Up Your Skin With — Caffeine!

Read Spavelous "Now Your In The Know"  Coffee it does a body good! Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, how about reaching for...

SabaiSpa(TM)’s Herbal Ball Treatments Sweeping North America

  SabaiSpa(TM) introduces the "Hottest" new Herbal, Aromatherapy treatment taking massage, facial, and spa treatments to a whole new level!" The fastest growing treatments sweeping across...
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