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Coffee Does Body Good

Coffee Does Body Good

Coffee … the Cellulite Cure? 

Some people couldn’t imagine starting a day without that first cup of coffee and a hot shower. Did you know that coffee is a Spavelous beauty treatment? In fact, after reading this, you may want to start your day with your coffee in the shower. 

That morning cup of coffee may contribute to your cellulite when it is consumed as a beverage. In fact, it has been established that when you drink coffee, you may gain weight and store fat. Caffeine stimulates a temporary surge in blood sugar which is then followed by an overproduction of insulin which causes weight gain since insulin’s message to the body is to store excess sugar as fat. In addition, cellulite is made up of stubborn fat deposits that also inhibit antioxidant and nutrient absorption in affected areas. This means that the positive cellulite and coffee connection cannot be obtained by drinking coffee because the antioxidant properties of coffee cannot reach affected areas easily.

Did you know that coffee when applied topically can help fight cellulite? 

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Topical Coffee Tones and Tightens

There seems to be some evidence that the positive cellulite and coffee connection can be seen when coffee is used as a topical application. Topical applications of coffee can be used on cellulite areas where coffee can penetrate into the skin and effectively reduce the signs of cellulite. In topical applications coffee can help break down fat deposits. Aside from helping break fat, coffee also promotes proper blood flow which is crucial in eliminating the broken down fat and the toxins from the body. Coffee therefore works best against cellulite not as a drink but as a topical application.