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Coffee Does Body Good

Coffee Does Body Good

Spas Serve up Coffee Treatments

Dr. Susan Lark, one of the foremost authorities in the fields of clinical nutrition and preventive medicine, said that coffee along with massage, is one of the best remedies she has seen for treating cellulite.

“Caffeine rubbed on the skin, like caffeine-laced anti-cellulite creams, would absolutely work to improve the appearance of cellulite,” says dermatologist and La Jolla Spa MD medical director Mitchel Goldman, who conducted a study using caffeine-laced anti-cellulite cream. Of the 34 women in the study, 25 noticed a decrease in thigh circumference.

Spas throughout the United States are serving up coffee body treatments, using coffee, coffee grounds and green coffee bean extract. Here are a few of my favorites.


offers a luxurious collection of coffee-based spa treatments to some of the most prestigious spas in more than 14 countries around the world.

The BODYCOFFEE® concept is steeped in ancient traditions of the Russian bathhouse or (banya) where coffee has been used for centuries as part of a bathing ritual.

BODYCOFFEE® states that coffee invigorates the body and polishes away dull surface skin, coffee releases natural essential oils that smooth and moisturize. Coffee’s stimulating and antioxidant properties firm, tone and detoxify. What’s more, caffeine applied topically reduces the appearance of cellulite and has been linked to a reduced risk of skin cancer.

BODYCOFFEE® Spa Treatments include:

Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Body Wrap: This revitalizing dual-phase treatment restores energy, firms the skin and helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. Made with antioxidant-rich green coffee powder, hydrating sea algae extracts and pure Kaolin clay, this is the ultimate BODYCOFFEE® experience. Skin virtually bounces back, glowing with health and vitality.

The BODYCOFFEE® Exfoliation Treatment awakens the senses and lifts the spirit, leaving skin radiant, refreshed and completely revitalized. This pampering treatment begins with the Invigorating Body Polish, a combination of ground coffee, Dead Sea salt and essential oils. A full body massage with Coffee Blossom Essence™ Lotion completes the experience. Coffee extract helps improve blood flow and circulation, while nourishing shea butter and aloe vera restore skin’s natural softness.

The BODYCOFFEE® Foot Experience treats feet to an energizing spa ritual that begins with a soak in warm milk steeped with coffee beans. Incorporating the Invigorating Body Polish and Hydrating Body Balm, it stimulates sagging spirits and reawakens weary soles. Feet step out in style with softer skin, smoother contours and renewed vitality.

The BODYCOFFEE® Hand Experience rewards hard-working hands with a blissful regimen of soothing, smoothing and softening. Followed by a massage with the rich Hydrating Body Balm or fragrant Moisturizing Body Lotion with Coffee Blossom Essence, hands emerge beautifully supple and visibly renewed.

The Hot Stone Treatment is the newest treatment, offering the healing power and penetrating benefits of hot and cold stone therapy in combination with coffee-infused BODYCOFFEE® Hydrating Body Balm and/or Energizing Body Oil. The soothing warmth, energizing coolness and aromatic essential oils create an atmosphere of refreshment, release and inner balance.

(Treatment Names may vary by spa location. Not all treatments may be available at all spa locations)

BODYCOFFEE® treatments and take home products are available at these spas throughout the United States.