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Coffee Does Body Good

Coffee Does Body Good

Featured Caffeinated Spa Treatments:

Caffeinated Spa TreatmentsJust Java

The Spa Los Gatos, Los Gatos CA

This isn’t your average cup of Joe. A combination of ground coffee Arabica and sea salt stimulates the mind and energizes the body. Soak in a coffee blossom bath, and then moisturize with coffee blossom lotion to complete this delicious delight.

Antioxidant Coffee and Cranberry Package

The Cape Codder Resort, Hyannis, MA

• Classic Facial
• Peppermint Scalp Treatment
• Coffee Body Scrub
• Coffee-Seaweed Wrap
• Cranberry Foot Ritual

This treatment is great for eliminating signs of cellulite and excess fluid. A great antioxidant treatment. You will start with a Classic Facial and a soothing peppermint scalp treatment, then a body scrub to remove dead skin. A coffee seaweed wrap follows, then you are finished with cranberry lotion, and off to your Cranberry Foot Ritual.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Treatments

Coca-Java Body Scrub

The Spa Grande at Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa, Maui, HI.

This scrumptious scrub uses freshly ground coffee beans and honey followed by a mango-coconut lotion application.

“Get Real” Kona Coffee Therapy

The Spa at Mauna Lani Resort, Kohala Coast, HI

Island-grown coffee will awaken your senses. Their Signature coffee is planted and harvested by one of their very own therapists. Exhilarating full body exfoliations utilizing raw Hawaiian sugar and ground Kona coffee, this treatment detoxifies and stimulates circulation.

Hawaii Coffee Spas


Home Coffee Spa Products:

Invigorating Coffee Scrub

This invigorating, aromatic coffee scrub made with fresh Indonesian coffee beans awakens the senses as it exfoliates and cleanses. As the scrub lathers into gentle foam, the rich, dark roasted coffee is transformed into a creamy café au lait color. Used in Indonesian treatments to stimulate circulation in the skin, coffee has been clinically proven to provide powerful antioxidant and tightening benefits when applied to the skin.

Home Coffee Spa ProductsHome Coffee Spa Recipes:

Bye Bye Venti Thighs take the grinds and minimize:

Make your own cellulite treatment with caffeinated coffee grounds that works beautifully. Here’s how:

Ingredients: ¼ cup warm used coffee grounds, 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil, Plastic Wrap
The used grounds work better if they’re warm

1. Put some newspaper on the floor of your bathroom, or stand in the shower
2. Mix about a quarter-cup of warm used coffee grounds with a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Stand on the paper and apply the coffee mixture to your cellulite areas using your hands or a loofah mitt. Don’t worry if a lot of the coffee mixture falls to the floor; enough will stick to your skin to do the trick.
3. Wrap the area in plastic wrap and allow to remain on for several minutes.
4. Remove wrap and brush off excess coffee mixture. Shower with warm water.
5. This procedure is most effective when repeated twice a week.
(As with any home recipe, check a small area to insure you do not have a sensitivity, do not use if you have any contraindications)



Skin ScrubSkin Scrub

Invigorating Coffee Scrub

Ingredients: • 3 T Coffee grounds (organic-caffeinated), • 1 T Salt (optional) * 1 T Oliver Oil

Brew a fresh pot of coffee. Enjoy a cup, if you like. Put grounds (and salt) in a small bowl. Use grounds within 20 minutes of brewing before oxidation occurs.

Application: Scrub mixture over entire body while in the shower. Rinse. Follow with your favorite moisturizer