Coffee Does Body Good


Caffeinated lingerie 

Caffeinated lingerie is gaining speed in the high-octane market for skin care.

After losing over 2 inches in my thighs due to coffee cellulite treatments, I discovered the cellulite stocking. I started wearing the stockings over two years ago, and I have maintained my results. The latest brand available in the USA is Skin Kiss Caffeine Tights.

Caffeinated lingerie

So what are Caffeine Tights?

Skin Kiss Caffeine Tights are made of a fiber that is impregnated with caffeine micro capsules. The body temperature causes the caffeine to act on the skin. The active ingredients of caffeine have been proven to stimulate the metabolism, help burn fat and tighten the tissue of the legs. These little drops of wonder then increase our metabolic rate and burn fat

What can you expect?

According to Skin Kiss, smoother and suppler skin Improves the skin’s elasticity each time the tights are worn Reduction in thigh measurement of up to 2cm (approximately 3/4 of an inch) after wearing the tights for 28 days (on a daily basis). The appearance of the skin is visibly improved.

We’ll just have to see for ourselves, won’t we?