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Murad Inclusive Health Center and Spa

While there are hundreds of theories on aging and disease, all share
one common final pathway: cellular water loss.

Everything we do at the Murad Inclusive Health Center® is based on the science of
The Cellular Water Principle®. It’s a whole body approach to anti-aging developed by Dr. Howard Murad, renowned dermatologist, trained pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA.

It begins with a scientific truth: Water is the essence of life. As you age, internal and external elements damage the cells and weaken their ability to retain water. This can result in wrinkles and sagging skin that make you look older than you are. It can even contribute to disease.

Using The Cellular Water Principle®, we can repair and strengthen the cells throughout your whole body and hydrate them to turn back the clock on the signs of aging.
Clients have experienced remarkable results including:

* Tightened and firmer skin with improved overall skin clarity
* Increased energy, mental acuity and metabolism
* Reduced body fat
* Stronger hair, nails and connective tissue
* Decreased bloating, puffiness and joint pain
* Improved digestion, circulation, bone density and sleep pattern


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  • Spa Magazine Silver Sage Award – Favorite Medical/Wellness Spa
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