Finding The Right Spa


The Spa Budget Factor

– How many hours of services do you desire? – How long do you want to relax at the spa? – How much do you want to spend?

Spa Budget

The cost of spa services will vary by location:

  • Day Spas are generally less expensive then Resort Spas because they offer less amenities.
  • Cities and States that are more tourists oriented tend to have higher prices. Tourist areas will have better prices and discounts when they are “off-season”

Average Price of Services in the USA

  • Nail Services:
    • Manicures Less Than $45
    • Pedicure Less Than $75
  • Waxing Less Than $50
  • Massage, Facials, and Basic Body Treatments: $75 – $125 for an hour. When comparing prices compare actual service time to cost. Many spas only do 50 minute services.
  • Specialty Treatments for Face or Body and , 90 minute Treatments: $100 – $200
  • Spa Packages: Be careful here. Packages use to be discounted 10 – 15% when grouped together. Now many spas are grouping them but not discounting them, so make sure these are the services you want. $200 – $500 for ½ day to Full Day packages. Usually packages do not include 90 minute or Specialty Treatments.

You will need to balance what your priorities are. Cost vs. features vs. quality of products used for the treatment. Regardless of what you pay, the actual service should still be exceptional and performed by a well trained professional in a clean sanitized environment that is conducive for relaxation.   Finding The Right SpaTypes of Spas for youWhat Do You Want in a Spa? The Spa Budget FactorThe Seven Steps To Select a Spa When in Doubt … Check The Spa Out