Finding The Right Spa


Seven Steps To Select A Spa

Once you have a clear idea of what you want and how much you want to spend, it is now time to find the spa that is right for you:

Steps to select a spa

Step #1 Location & Climate: Choose the city and state you desire to enjoy your spa services in. Use the Spavelous Spa Explorer to find the spas in your desired area. Websites give a great insight into the quality of a spa. Nowadays, a website is an essential for showcasing any business, and if a spa doesn’t take their website seriously, they may not take you seriously, either. Click on their website link to view the spa and get a feel for: What the spa looks like. You may want to be careful of spas that do not show the rooms or relaxation areas. There may be a reason for the absence of these. Often spas will use generic spa service pictures to create their ambience, but these do not give you a feel for the ambiance of the spa and if you will feel comfortable there. The professional image of the spa.

  • Learn about the staff.
  • See if the location meets your needs (See Below for specific areas).
  • Locate their contact information, address, telephone number, email address and owners information.
  • Customer service orientation.
  • See if they make it easy to contact the owner or manager with questions.
  • See how long they have been in business.
  • See if they are affiliated with any associations like ISPA, Day Spa, Better Business Bureau, and Chamber of Commerce. In addition, view their press pages to see how involved they are in the community.
  • Check out the spas reviews. To the best of our knowledge they are unbiased and comprehensive; many people base their next spa booking on what other clients have to say.

Step #2 Spa Services: Look at the general services that the spa offers to see if they have the types of services you desire. Eliminate the spas that do not have the generic types of services you desire. Step #3 Spa Service Cost: Make sure that the spa is within your budget. Step #4 Spa Amenities: Look at the amenities that the spa includes when you have a service. Make sure they offer all of the facilities that you will require, and that they are included with the number of services you will be enjoying. Eliminate the spas that do not have the amenities that you need. In addition, if you have a preferred spa product line, you should ascertain what products they use at this time. Step #5 Spa Reviews and Recommendations: In addition to reading the spa reviews on Spavelous, let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard and search the internet to read the reviews on the spa locations you are considering. Using a search engine, type in the name of the spa and the word reviews. You may also type in the name of the spa and the word worst spa experience. You may be surprised at what you find. Of course, if the spa is in your home town, you may get reviews and feedback from your friends and family. Step #6 Spa Telephone Contact: The first point of contact should be by telephone. The spa should have the telephone answered by the third ring during business hours and a PERSON must answer the telephone! Be cautious of spas that have an answering machine answer the telephone during business hours. This is the first impression that you will have of the spa besides their online website. If they do not personally answer the telephone and you get a recording stating that they are assisting other customers, a red flag should go up. This may indicate that the spa is short staffed, that they do not place a value on building relationships with their guests. It may also indicate that they want to control contact with the client to times that are convenient to them and not at times that are convenient for you the guest. Remember, that when you are looking to book a service is when the spa should be the most attentive. If they drop the ball here it is a negative sign of things to come if you book with them. A spa that does not have time for you on the phone will not have time for you when you are there. It will not be a relaxing experience. When you call ask to speak with the manager. If the manager does not take your call or fails to return your call, it may be indicative of what you can expect if you need to speak with the manager later. Remember the best a manager will treat you is when you are a potential client. So if they do not want to take care of you before you come, they certainly will not be there for you if there is a problem with your spa booking, spa service or if you have a product concern later. What should you ask the manager? Ask for their recommendations for services, service providers; ask about the product lines or treatment procedures. Arrange a time when you may come and visit the spa. The important thing is to see how responsive they are. Step #7 Spa Visit: If you live close enough to spa to visit, you will want to take the time to actually go to the spa for a tour. Visiting the spa is the best way to find out if it is clean and comfortable, with friendly staff. Look for staff members who answer your questions accurately and pleasantly, and decide whether or not you feel at home in the facility. For more specifics of what to look for and what to ask, read “When in Doubt Check the Spa Out”. If you are choosing a spa for the long term, you may want to consider asking about spa packages. Some spas offer package deals to clients where you can purchase a block of treatments at a discounted price, for example 11 massages for the price of 10. Others offer sessions which may combine multiple spa services for a discounted price, such as a facial and manicure package. Others have referral programs, in which people who recommend the spa are rewarded for their loyalty with gift certificates or spa services. Finding The Right SpaTypes of Spas for youWhat Do You Want in a Spa? The Spa Budget FactorThe Seven Steps To Select a Spa When in Doubt … Check The Spa Out