Finding The Right Spa


… Signs of a good Spa (con’t)

Signs of a good Spa

Cleanliness & Sanitation: You should expect a very high standard of cleanliness at a spa. Everything should be clean and sanitized. You should be able to see the equipment used for cleaning and sanitizing all of the implements used in your service. Some equipment should not be used twice so look for tell tale signs. Nails: As they give you a tour, you want to see the blue implement sanitizer at each nail technician station and cosmetologist station. After each pedicure you should see them run a sanitizer through the pump equipment to ensure that no staph, fungus or infection can be spread from one guest to the next. The floor, sink, chairs and tables should all be clean. Massage: Massage rooms should have a hand sink or you should see the therapist wash their hands between each client. Sheets should be clean and new sheets, and towels should be used for each client. Between services you should see the laundry being changed, and the face cradle sanitized. The massage lotion should be from a pump, if it is in a bowl, there should only be an adequate amount for one service and any remaining lotion should be discarded. Body Treatments: The sheets should be cleaned and changed between clients. Products used should be proportioned for each client and not reused. Make sure that the therapists will remain in the room with you at all times during the procedure. Brushes should be sterilized Facials: The rooms should have proper sterilization equipment for brushes and implements and a hand sink so the aesthetician can wash their hands between services. Observe the care and cleanliness of the equipment. The sheets and towels should be clean and changed between clients. Sticks for waxing should only be used one time and discarded. Locker Rooms and Rest Rooms: The toilet, floors and sinks should be clean. Showers should be washed out between clients Sandals should be provided. Sandals should be disposable or cleaned and sanitized between guests. It is alright to ask how they clean their sandals, robes and sheets between guests. If they have a Jacuzzi, you should ask about the care, cleaning and chemicals used. Lounge Area: Are the chairs comfortable; are they adequate to accommodate all of the guests? Is it clean, is the air quality good, is water and other beverages readily available? Is it conducive for relaxation? ContinueFinding The Right SpaTypes of Spas for youWhat Do You Want in a Spa? The Spa Budget FactorThe Seven Steps To Select a Spa When in Doubt … Check The Spa Out